20 Creative Ideas Like You Old Items As Decoration Insertion

Editor   February 5, 2014   Comments Off on 20 Creative Ideas Like You Old Items As Decoration Insertion

old items chandelier porcelain tableware

New use of old items

We have all probably still old items in the basement, of which we still don’t want to separate. In the course of time these are rusted, the color goes out or other wear make visible. These are all but no disadvantages when used goods. Quite the contrary. This, they act on us with a special charm. Why to give a new life not your old objects ? You do best, if you give a whole new function objects and change their place.

Some of the used goods need no embellishment at all. They look authentic and magical. You can spice up a quiet others with fresh paint and new patterns. A very original idea to liven up old items is to place such Potted flowers in the drawers a cupboard. With a little skill, the old coffee set is transformed into a beautiful chandelier made of porcelain and the no longer used bird cage is full of gorgeous flowers to a fancy hanging pot . Old chairs or benches you can paint and decorate with colorful, soft pillows in a favorite color. So, you will set up a cozy corner in the garden or on the patio.

Once bike and today an original flower stand in pink

old objects pink bike

Creative and unique in purple

old items purple Chair planter

Stylish seating with a vintage touch

old items beer barrel halves side tables

Succulent splendor in the wheelbarrow

items keg wheelbarrow flower pot

Bottle cooler rustic

old objects metal bucket bottle cooler

A dream of roses in the summer

used items of sheet pots white Bank

Shabby Chic with lilac

pre-owned items lilac cabinet drawer

Old drawers, new freshness

old items Gartendeko

The sewing machine is a chic garden table

pre-owned items garden table sewing machine

Shiny light bulb’s supporters in the garden

old items bulbs creative

Rubber boots times differently

pre-owned items rubber boots peach blossom

Nostalgic sustainability

old pieces of wood chest of drawers metal pots

The metal cage awakens to new life

old objects of metal bird cage

Carefree charm on the porch

old items furniture porch

Zinnia and joie de vivre

old items white wooden bench

Romance in Lavender

old items white bird cage hanging flower pot

Old shutters are

old pieces of brick wall Green Shutters

A wooden box full of life

pre-owned items decorative poppy daffodils wooden box

We hope you have found our 20 creative ideas very helpful. Look around then in the basement, attic, or maybe in the garage and discover ancient objects, which you can give a second chance in an original way.

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