20 Fantastic Bookends For Feinschmeker

Editor   January 17, 2014   Comments Off on 20 Fantastic Bookends For Feinschmeker

fantastic bookends Hulk super hero heroUnique ideas for how you can arrange your books

I like to read, but I’m such a bookworm, reading a book for the second time. Exceptions make my favorite books, such as tourist guides. If I hold on to these books, I want to exhibit them at home and show up. There are 20 fun ideas on how you can exhibit your favorite pieces.

fantastic bookends

cool bookends grey nursery perfect

This Rhino bookends are perfect for children’s rooms. Thus, you can encourage your children to read.

Colourful polished bookend

cool bookends bright pink Kühn colors Crystal

This polished bookends are among my favorites. The bright pink and the color visible vibration through the clear piece can look beautiful on the shelf. They are also hard enough to carry books.

Fork and knife set

fantastic bookends Orange fork knife set cookbooks kitchen

Bookends for the foodies! This fork and knife set is a fun way to keep the cookbooks in the kitchen. I love the bold colors, too.

Alphabet bookend

cool bookends children adolescents ABC

Talking between the lines – quite literally – with this sleek ABC bookends.

Falling book Tower

bookends Adventure books gourmet

Oh, no – a slate falling book Tower! Add a small dynamic structure to your bookshelf with these funny bookend. In addition, it will look absolutely vertical creates.

Wood pieces

bookends adventure carved reliable wood

I love this natural and reliable bookends from wood, especially the cute squirrel. They are supplemented with beeswax for a polished, but rustic look.

I love the vertically positioned text that adapts very well to the books

bookends music cool gourmet

Ornamental fish

bookends glass water fish original

You can keep your pets in these bookends – but don’t forget to feed them! These creative pieces delight both children and young people.


fantastic bookends records original idea

The designers of these binds singles with engineered wood cores, so they weigh heavily enough to be able to carry many books in between. They are perfect for lovers of nostalgic books.

Forest area

fantastic bookends adventure forest design land area

The bookends display a small wooded area above on the rustic wood. Perfect for owner of adventure books.

Masculine and solid

bookends solid stainless steel upgraded

All factually from blue plastic

fantastic bookends vividly striking blue

Wrong positioned books

cool bookends Adventure books wrong

Red arrows

fantastic bookends Adventure books red arrow

Transparent and masculine

fantastic bookends glass transparent masculine

Transparent and feminine

fantastic bookends Adventure books glass feminine

Bird cages

cool bookends bird cages black


fantastic bookends Adventure books bike

A bike for books designed and installed! This sculptural bookends made of metal are a funny couple for avid cyclists. They are suitable for reading corners, where you want to show a little originality.

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