23 Cool Decoration Ideas, Your Ceiling With Strips To Decorate

23 cool decoration ideas to decorate your ceiling with strips

We already showed you how cool a room with striped walls looks. Strips to the ceiling could be even bolder, although you should be careful with such decor. It is a perfect solution for a child’s room, but will not fit in a kitchen.  If the room with stripes on the ceiling would look very original, these strips the geometry of this room could make terrible. We have gathered here some good examples for you, and we hope they inspire you but.

Decorating ideas for your living room with white and black stripes

cool decoration ideas work room black white

A cosy living room with grey and white stripes

decoration idea Arlington style

Ice cool decorating idea with blue and white stripes

decoration idea baby blue

A unique room with black and white stripes

decoration idea white and blue

The nursery looks beautiful with these strips.

decoration ideas colorful nursery

decoration idea cool store this business is decorated with white and yellow stripes

One of the many cool decoration ideas with yellow and blue

decoration ideas yellow blue bedroom

Her living room is really elegant look in these colors.

decoration ideas green white

Your child’s room – well organized and spacious. decoration ideas sky blue

Time for little boys, time for little girlsdecoration ideas children colorful room

decorating children's room yellow white part of the cool decorating ideas for your living room

An idea for your child’s room in dark colors

decorating nursery black

A romantic idea for your LOVE-room .

decorating love room

Stylish idea for your living room in dark colors

decorating fashion style

The stripes bring even more color in the room

decorating orange yellow room

Decoration ideas for the people who like the pink color decorations Pink White

A cool decorating idea in Domino style.

decoration idea black white

More Sun home in this Andalucia House.

decoration idea Spanish white yellow

Another example for cool decoration idea

Decoration ideas Versace design

So beautiful also your living room can look with these strips

Decoration ideas white yellow

The Zebra look looks really good in this room.

decoration ideas black white living room

Some cool decoration ideas in pink and apricot color.

Austrahlt living room Alexandria stained

Still an interesting idea for your living room design.

Austrahlt Wonzimmer style

Children’s room