3 Reasons Why You Should Not Throw The Banana Bowl

Bananas… After eating the tasty fruit, the banana bowl remains in most cases. But this waste has many advantages that are particularly important to our health. The usage possibilities are very numerous and suitable for different purposes. In this article we will show three important properties of the banana bowls, which are of great importance for our facial care.

Do not throw bananas, but reuse them

Banana bowls against wrinkles

Banana peel helps against wrinkling

The banana bowl contains many vitamins, which have a great effect against wrinkles. The high proportion of iron, magnesium and potassium reduces small age folds and the result is simply super. One has only to rub the banana bowl on the problematic zones. Use the inside of the banana bowl, because it provides the skin with many antioxidants, which stimulate the collagen production extremely.

The banana is considered an anti-aging fruit for the people, so do not be underestimated if you want to stay young longer!

Close the folds

Acne care banana bowls

Acne formation

It is about the most common skin disease among humans – the acne. The selection of cosmetics is absolutely great and above all expensive, because the care products are very often not suitable and have no success in acne control. But can the banana bowl help with this skin disease? The answer to the question is positive because experts have done many tests against acne skin and the results were incredible. The shell contains the vitamins A, B, C and E, and so the toxins are removed from the pores.

The high proportion of antioxidants also helps to control the germs, which is particularly important in the formation of acne. Reasons for acne formation are very often the greasy skin, but the peels remove the oil from the pores and so the acne formation process is stopped. It is recommended that you rub the facial skin every evening with Banan. Wash the remaining remnants until the next day. These types of procedures can be done two or three times a week and the results will surprise you soon.

Acne formation is significantly reduced after three weeks

Toothpaste acne banana peel

Radiant white teeth with banana bowls?

The latest trend in dental care is surely this method, which provides for bright white teeth. As already mentioned, the banana contains much potassium and magnesium. For this reason the tooth staining is strongly stopped and your teeth become brilliant white within a few weeks. One should only rub the teeth with the banana bowl and clean with a toothbrush very carefully. So your teeth absorb the vitamins needed for the procedure. The brightening should be done for a minimum of two weeks until a positive result is seen.

Banana bowls also play a great role in dental care

Toothbrush with banana bowls

Banana shell mask use

Do not throw bananas

Banana shell use