30 Elegant “romantic Living” Ideas With Candles And Lanterns

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romantic living DIY lanterns birch bark candles

Romantic stay: decorate your home with candles

Know the following famous quote by Dalai Lama: “the planet needs no successful people. The planet needs peacemaker, healers, innovator, story-teller and lovers of all kinds.” Never before, these words sounded current than it is now.

We need the love and passion in all its aspects. We look for her at work, among friends. We want to live in romantic and we want to live in romantic… Many design facilities are dedicated under this concept. The truth, however, is that a common and simple interior design through the appropriate decoration can be romantic. The candles are unbeatable in this respect. You could be enough, so that we live romantic.

Romantic accommodation with decent floating candles

romantic home decorating glass bowls floating candles orchids artificial flowers

Candles offer lots of possibilities for the personalization of the ambience.

“Dress the candles”

Take advantage of every opportunity to disguise the candles new. They can be decorated differently depending on the season and occasion. Now would be the most appropriate time to paint different autumnal motifs.

For Christmas you can spice it up with red and green ribbons.

You can choose of course for an elegant option like this here

romantic living elegant autumn table decoration

Summer mood with lemon grass

For many people, romantic living means to put yourself in summer mood. You can achieve this effect by the lemon grass candle that has become so popular in recent years.

Painted central pieces

You can paint the candles or decorate plastic. So is more romantic and have the perfect DIY jobs for the winter.

Decorate with even gathered natural materials

Romantic living Christmas decoration floating candles

Ice candles

Not all people connect their romantic thoughts to summer. Some expect the winter impatient because of its beautiful cozy experiences. Picturesque images and beautiful help you crystals to achieve appropriate setting. For those who share this opinion, the ice candle decoration would be just right.

Special white and blue as the colors are perfectly suited for your winter decorating with candles

romantic living maritime candles Christmas balls

Different patterns

Easily, you can customize the candles on any subject or any occasion. Best prepare yourself! All the possible events that you to get many different candles and patterns. Buy some that are just beautiful, even if you are not sure what they will do with those. The romantic atmosphere and interior design ideas need variety! You achieve this more easily, if you have several different materials.

Customize a few creative lanterns from old Ottensheim

romantic living DIY lantern of Einwecklgas old newspaper paper

Candles in bowls

The combination of shells and candles is one of the most romantic. Here, we mean all the possible variations. It can be the decorative bowls, fill with water, small candles and rose petals. Such a facility would be suitable for a romantic occasion or simply to warm up the atmosphere. Can put small candles in shell or lemon peel. This art deco looks also fabulous.

Or do you prefer more glitz and glamour?

romantic living DIY table decorations glass shell shiny balls

Gorgeous colors and scents

There are gorgeous colors and scents for candles. Cinnamon, Apple, gold, and silver shades make it a unique focal point. Whether alone, twosome or in group – they are matter, as a salve for the soul and open your senses for lovely experiences.

The aroma of fresh coffee beans early in the morning

Romantic living lanterns themselves make glasses coffee beans

And the beguiling romantic of candle light late in the evening

romantic home decorating bathroom bath petals candles

Unleash your imagination

romantic living DIY dinner Windllichter ideas

Original DIY candles from lemon peel with Lavender

romantic living DIY Lavender lemon candles ideas

Easily create imaginative lanterns

romantic living DIY paper carton lanterns Einweckgläser

Cinnamon sticks are a well proven classic in winter

romantic living DIY candles ideas cinnamon sticks

Beautiful autumn decoration with candles, birch bark and walnuts for real purists

romantic living DIY table decorations walnuts white pillar candles

Celebrate the colorful gifts of autumn

romantic living DIY table decorations fall candles

You can do naturally and spontaneously their advent wreath this year

romantic living DIY table decorations Christmas advent

Attractively decorated with DIY lanterns with white beans

romantic living DIY lanterns Einweckgläser beans

Make elegant vintage candles yourself

romantic living DIY lanterns Kerzenwax vintage coffee cups

Make magnificent seashell candles in the blink of an eye

romantic living DIY lanterns shell of Kezenwachs

The same is of course also with empty snail enclosures

romantic living DIY lanterns snails

Festive lanterns idea for your summer party in the garden

romantic living DIY Lantern ideas colorful glasses

Simple is often at its best

romantic living transparent glass bowls floating candles

Tender peonies and elegant Pastel-colored candles – a romantic dream in may

romantic living festive table decorations pastel long candles

Loving and modest Valentine’s day

romantic living red lanterns heart motifs

Refined and solemnly to the new year’s Eve

romantic living new year's Eve decoration festive rose beads star

A touch of autumn romance in the living room

romantic living pillar candles Herbstdeko

“I love you” without saying a word expressing

romantic living tea heart shape decorating

Introduce more comfort in your home through rustic Christmas Decor

romantic living nuts pillar candles Christmas tree branches table decorations

Invite your loved ones to a romantic, festive dinner

Romantic living Christmas table decorations candle lanterns

Christmas wishes come true!

Romantic living Christmas decorations ideas candles tealights Christmas baubles

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