30 Incredible Vertical Gardens And Green Walls To Admire

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incredible vertical gardens stylishly striped

30 incredible vertical gardens to admire

A vertical garden is usually a wall or surface that is partially or completely covered in plants. Here, either Earth or inorganic consistency is used for planting. The concept of this type of gardens is ancient and 600 v ad in context and more specifically with the hanging gardens of Babylon with the year. The modern green wall with hydroponics white at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has invented during the period of 1931-38. White was the first patent for vertical gardens by Stanley Hart. Since then, but much time has passed and it has made many changes. Nowadays even the hydroponics, that is been modified and created many new designs.

A successful green wall installation in the courtyard

incredible vertical gardens illuminated at night

These magical-looking green façade next to the Department store looks almost unrealistic

incredible vertical gardens next to the Department store

Except the Green facades, there is also the green walls, called living walls, which are perfectly suitable for the interior design. Such Green installations are often positioned in the ventilation and improve air filtration in addition.

Perfectly even smaller green areas can be combined with stylish pendant lights or decorations

incredible vertical gardens economical

The Green façades are creeping plants in use – in particular different varieties of Ivy or but also many moss species. Either grow the plants on the facade or building special structures as shown below in the figure.

Innovative facade

incredible vertical gardens Sechsstöckig with many flowers

Vertical gardens are even as advertising for his own company

incredible vertical gardens abstract facades decoration

Fresh atmosphere during lunch

incredible vertical gardens wavy decoration

Tropical atmosphere at the pool

incredible vertical gardens by the pool

Rectangular metal constructions refresh the dark fence

incredible vertical gardens plants blocks

A masterpiece to the amazement

incredible vertical gardens diversity of varieties and colors

A breath of primeval forest of every morning

incredible vertical gardens gigantic and fresh on the stairs

Usually steel tank or geotextiles are applied at living walls for interior decoration. Special irrigation and fertilizer as well as a suitable lighting, which makes it even more impressive green wall are essential.

In this case, a stylish track lighting is used

incredible vertical gardens wall decals

Let’s just talk the images for yourself and feel the fascinating atmosphere spread all these vertical gardens and green walls!

Wild and gigantic in the stairwell

incredible vertical gardens Raumhohe install

Curved stairs and unusual works of art

incredible vertical gardens lush vegetation on the wall in the lobby

A unique biotope

incredible vertical gardens many entrance doors

Sustainable and beautiful – the perfect Office building of the future

incredible vertical gardens nature office building

A national House

incredible vertical gardens sustainable House

Elegance and nature in a

incredible vertical gardens contemporary with lots of glass

Enchanting architectural fairy tale

vertical gardens perfectly camouflaged bridge

vertical gardens on the high-rise modernistvertical gardens with special lightingvertical gardens more freshness and lifevertical gardens vibrant facadevertical gardens living wall in the canteenvertical Gardens Holidayvertical gardens green wall In the shopincredible vertical gardens geometrically orderedvertical gardens fresh In the meeting roomvertical gardens an enchanted Housevertical gardens Ivy facade

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