33 Craft Ideas on How to Make Tassels and Bobbles Yourself

As always, our editorial team makes sure that our readers get enough creative decoration ideas so that everyone can design their living space individually and aesthetically.

For today’s article, we have chosen something quite extraordinary for you, something that remains undecided whether it belongs to the topic of handicraft ideas or rather to decoration ideas.

Basically, our goal is to awaken your creativity and inspire you for even more projects.

Colorful handicraft ideas to make yourself

DIY IDeen bobble tassel circle

Customize individual bracelets



Set a special character

DIY IDeen bobbin tassel paper clip

Colorful is equally life-affirming

DIY IDENES DIY self made tassel shoes


What a beautiful rain cloud!

Bumblebee DIY decals DIY IDeen bommel tassel drops

Add to the inconspicuous table-top charm

DIY decorations DIY DIY decorations DIY IDeen DIY make tassel hanging

It is hard to believe how many creative projects can be complemented by pom-poms and tassels. Pompons and similar tassels are available in all craft shops and artist bathrooms. Their production is by the way very easy, which makes them a suitable object for DIY ideas and projects. We would like to make best nails with heads and add following many instructions, how you can make tassels and bobbles.

Learn to make your own tassels

DIY self-made DIY tassels DIY IDeen self-made tassel yarn

It is very easy

Create your own DIY IDeen bumble yourself

And also pompons

DIY IDUES DIY make tassel instructions

We have tried to find the best pictures and decoration ideas and hope that you are more than satisfied! Have you ever suspected that you can pimp your curtains in such a way? Or what do you think of strappy sandals with decorative elements? A beautiful bedspread and decorative cushions in addition with funny and multicolored Puscheln provided will express only your Experimetierfreude and individuality.

Incredible, but true – pompons can be used in many ways

DIY IDeen bumblebee making tassel various

Make monochrome clothing a real eyecatcher

DIY IDeen bobble tassel small

Discover your own way of wall design

Create your own DIY ideas DIY IDeen-bommel tassel folklore

As a gift idea, self-made pompons or key rings are very suitable. From colorful yarn, you can still your very personal wall Craft or original packaging for gifts.

Never again boring curtains

Create your own DIY IDeen bumblebee DIY tassel colorful

Gifts as an artist

DIY IDeen bobble tassel gift

Something very special and beautiful is the endless possibilities to make jewelry. A colorful headband on the head can almost replace a wreath of flowers. Bracelets and necklaces could also be a great gift wrapped. This impressive bookmark (see picture), made of paperclips and pompons are not only functional but also very pretty. Caskets covered with pompons or sweaters and skirts decorated by the colorful tassels? These ideas are only the beginning of countless creative possibilities.

A beautiful idea that improves your interior design

Home decorating home decorations IDeen bommel tassel color

Do not limit your imagination

DIY IDeen bumblebee bell pebbles

Improve the ordinary pillows

DIY home decorations DIY IDeen bommel tassel gold

Think about what else could be made of colorful threads, puddles, and pimples! Have fun with our projects!

The slightly different window decoration

DIY self-made DIY decals DIY IDeen bommel tassel

Everything colorful is always much nicer

DIY home decorations DIY IDeen bommel tassel colorful2

Simple (and) charming

DIY decides DIY IDeen bobble tassel bookmarks

Discover your enthusiasm for experimentation

DIY home decorations DIY IDeen bommel tassel gold

Print your lifelongness on all paths

DIY IDeen bumblebee hammock
DIY IDeen bommel tassel cushion

The crafting with the basket was worth it

DIY decoration DIY IDeen bommel tassel basket

For the special portfolio

DIY decides DIY IDeen bommel tassel pompon

And beauty does not stop

DIY decorations DIY IDeen bommel tassel pompon 1

A key hanger to tamper in 4 min

DIY decides DIY IDeen bommel tassel bedroom

To each outfit a fashionable necklace

DIY IDeen bobble tassel jewelery

Any boring blanket can tolerate a bit of color

DIY decides DIY IDeen bommel tassel day cover

Put the personal character anywhere

craft ideas-yourself-making Decorating ideas DIY ideas bobble-tassel-pocket

The idea with the lampshade can be tried on many edges

DIY decorations DIY IDeen bobble tassel decorate wall decorations

To have new earrings do not necessarily have to go shopping

DIY decals DIY IDeen bobble tassel wall design earrings

Jewelry and table decoration

Make decoding DIY IDeen bobble tassel wall design vase

Make the ultimate flowerpot for the living room

Dekoideen DIY IDeen bobble tassel white