37 Nautical Decoration Ideas – From Wheels Up To Starfish

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nautical decoration ideas steering wheel mantel compass sofas yellow blue

Nautical decoration ideas for every home

The cool nautical style is currently one of the most famous themes. The beauty and splendor are hidden in its simplicity and its great advantage is the ability to be adapted to any interior. Some people like to combine the subtle, nautical notes with the sleek, contemporary look, while others opt for the classic version. A further advantage of this style are the colors that he represents. Navy Blue, red and white are beautiful color combination at the design spectrum. It seems just natural and simple, as these colors to complete your interior design.

Steering wheel via the built-in fire is a striking focal point

nautical decoration ideas steering wheel mantel Chair traditional living room

However, the nautical style offers much more than just strip and shades to create the perfect nautical atmosphere.The accessories and decoration play a central role in the accentuation of this design. Already we have searched some breathtaking inspiration for sailing boats and ship boards, we have noticed immediately. Now, we focus our attention on steering wheels, kits, mirrors, ropes and many other thematic details.

The jagged coral on the mirror looks simply stunning

nautical decoration ideas steering wheel mantel Chair blue cushion sofas

Giant Starfish begins to look into this modern kitchen

nautical decoration ideas Starfish kitchen island traditional flooring

Roman shutters in white with blue stripes refresh the ambience

nautical decoration ideas thematic colors Blue wall window seating area

Throw pillows are easy idea for a bold nautical look with anchor patterns

nautical decoration ideas steering wheel throw pillows living room design

Use rope to create a lively coastal atmosphere

stair runners railings ship nautical ocean theme round window

Eingerahmer sea horse print accented the nautical theme with elegance

nautical decoration ideas of white and blue bedding bedroom curtains

Cool, tropical freshness adds style to the nautical theme

nautical decoration ideas Starfish steering wheels Wandekoration wooden table solid

Ornamental fish and mounted paddle cleverly combined with dark blue frame

nautical decoration ideas painting chairs glass top white painted wood

Steering wheels

Steering wheels are a major part of the nautical style. Patterned throw pillows and accent fabrics with steering wheels bring this motif in the most modern houses. Don’t hesitate to beautify your home with vintage, if you have such one steering wheel. Even this to decorative purposes only at hand made look irresistible. Just make one on the mantelpiece and will immediately receive a real eye-catcher in the living room. Care for the cleanliness and freshness all around.

Pair steering wheels create symmetry and balance in the living room

nautical decoration ideas blue leather upholstery steering wheels rolling mobile

Striped pattern and throw pillows with steering wheel designs introduce us into the nautical atmosphere

nautical decoration ideas blue white leather stripes white blue bench long

Chic baby room for boys in the Navy style

nautical decorating ideas blue nursery crib steering wheels shelf Cabinet

This idea is beautiful for a minimalist Interior. Place the steering wheel of a completely white wall opposite, to create an eye-catcher in the bedroom or the living room. If you find it’s not trendy steering wheels, a life preserver is then as simple and geometric contrasting with the white wall.

Buoys to create simple, nautical ambience

nautical decorating ideas blue white stripe rug black white stool

Eclectic living room with an exposed brick wall and large wheel

nautical decoration ideas blue white living room corner sofa steering wheel wall

The decorative wheel combined with the other living styles in the room

nautical decoration ideas kitchen island dining area sink hob flooring

Captain chairs and a steering wheel are a natural combination

massive chairs wood pads steering wheel wall white establishment living room

You want to be on board USS Bella?

nursery young bed Shiff Bella American window desk

Tiny decorative wheel on the wall combined cleverly with the minimalist nautical look

staircase railings white partition wall Studio Art sea

Folders, mirror and much more!

nursery bedding colorful nautical style solution wall

You could look in the mirror and hope to see the sea waves on the other side!

bathroom design black white design Wall lamp mat mirror

Mirror, cable and paddle – all play a central role

stair runners railings ship nautical ocean theme round window

Add the right colors along with the workbook, the wall paintings and postersgloss NY

nursery chic solution wall decoration chest of drawers white carpet

Great way to use a rope and white curtains

Railings white airy curtains stairs yellow Desk Chair

Cleverly placed mirrors completed this boys nursery

boat twin nursery design nautical style sibling

The workbooks are an integral part of the nautical style

wall design solution world orange sofa design nautical style

Colorful nursery for boys, where a steering wheel acts as a headboard behind the bed

youth room boys original design nautical theme style blue tones

Conch and sea stars add a subtle, nautical touch to the living room

comfortable beautiful living room design wood table mantel

Balance of colours for a modern interior design

The color scheme in the room is the first thing that distinguishes the nautical look. It brings nothing to use a steering wheel without to make the room with the thematic colors as a decorative element. Blue and white are not the only option, you can combine different shades and tones, to change the atmosphere in the room. The nautical accessories have a Monicaprints ons color scheme. Mapping you the accessories businessickt and solich, a fresh, to create bright and modern atmosphere.

Bedroom chic painting wall decoration nautical style beddingdining room Hydroslide design chandelier chic white furniture upholsteredliving room design Cabinet shelf decoration whitedining room chandelier classic lifebuoy lanterns flowerssuspended living room ceiling wood fireplace sofa white rustic lookcurtains compact bedroom kids nautical theme lifebuoysingle bed mattress soft red white stripe cosy atmospherelarge cuddly bed linen suspended ceiling paddleblue walls decoration wheel nursery shelves carpet Ottoman

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