5 Beautiful Plant Species For The Tree In The Garden

Posted on Jul 22, 2013

structure In the garden Lavender magic in waves

For a great tree in the garden

Consider the following plants as a living wall. You will break your garden beautiful.

What do you think: what happens in the spirit and senses a gardener during his work? If you make your own garden only once have to understand it exactly: you feel the need to create unique works, and it is promoted by the botanical details and the new discoveries about this again and again.

That’s particularly hard to bear if the plant is considered a part of a design structure. Now it’s up to the size, opacity, on the stability and longevity of plants. In the case of garden design are the main characteristics.

At the creation of a new garden, the plants should buy you above all others. Which have to be them? The selection is great!

Five examples, I would like to explain the function of different types of plants in the garden.

At the latest after the sight of the garden in Italy you would understand the importance of structuring of plants

structure In the spherical trees in rows garden

It very much is respected in the design tradition of this country. Hedges and various shape cutting to strongly express the symmetry. This example can be used very easily within small environments.

Mediterranean Cypress

In this case, the Cypress on a roof veranda was attached. Here, their structural capacity to the maximum was being exploited. Within this small area, they act like the limbs of a single body.

In this case, the cypress trees in the form of a pen were cut by Ver dance fine garden design

structure In the garden narrow elegant Cypress white tulips

Ball Maple

There is hardly a more suitable plant for small areas.

This tree can be planted along a trail on a grassy, alone or in a series

tree In the garden of light green leaves maple

The fiery red leaves of the Maple – brightening mood

structure In the garden Achorn Firered incredible contrast


BUXUS (boxwood) can be described as a King among the structuring plants. This type differs greatly from the fine cypresses and the refined Maple. It features a naturally thick and curved shape and has small, leathery, dark green leaves.

This is one of the best options in planning a garden

structure In the garden round shrubs boxwood

Great structure for the lovers of the waves

tree In the garden of beautiful waves green

This species is characterized by a good weather resistance and is easy to clean. You can hardly meet a better choice for the garden.

By Buxus, you can make the figures of different shapes in the garden (spheres, animals, and others).

The typical usage of the plant of Buxus is planted Parterres or other gardens, which are characterized by the strict structure.

Boxwood is to apply also in living fences

structure In the garden boxwood great forms

This plant grows very quickly and you can often reshape them and fashion. So, this is an excellent choice for designers.

True Laurel

This plant is also quite strongly intersect. With its thick, aromatic, dark green leaves, it is a wonderful base for compositions. So you can use it in the planning of the gardens without further ADO.

A large Laurel Bush makes much

structure In the garden real Laurel Bush


Almost as robust as Busux and not less popular the lavender for the structuring of the gardens is wonderful. It is characterized by needle-shaped leaves and his beautiful, rich color. You must maintain these plants very individually. Each individual bushes must be molded into a Crescent.

A joy for the senses

structure In the garden Lavender for beautiful aroma

Have you already made your selection for a plant forming part of? Maybe is one of these examples for your case exactly fit? Or came up with ideas on how you can apply other than structure? We hope to have been helping you through this article.

Perfect structure and magnificent rose photo by dawn Sarasin

structure In the garden colorful roses and boxwood

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