5 Creative DIY Ideas For Picture Frames

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Picture frame craft creative DIY ideas picture frame itself make

How can you make creative picture frames

Picture frames are a great invention: we can keep not only memories in unique moments with our loved ones, but they pretty at the same time even our own four walls. This can be from the Internet with a little creativity and some effort even individual standard frame. In this way, you can give a room a very special atmosphere and that certain something. And if this still is not enough, then you tinker your picture frame is best very easily yourself. How to do this, we will show you here.

Customize picture frame with self-adhesive foil

picture frame craft picture frames with foil labels

To personalize a picture frame with slide, you need only a standard plastic frame in desired size (E.g. with rahmendirekt.de), there slide with your favourite motif and a pair of scissors. A little skill and patience are however also not bad, because the film should be tailored to exactly, so that at the end everything looks clean and fits. When the choice of framework that it is made of plastic and not wood delaminate the self-adhesive film otherwise pretty soon. If you use foil with clear elements, you can use but for example a plastic frame in wood, because the translucent grain looks especially beautiful.

Wall of frame and fabric crafts

picture frame craft wall from picture frames and fabric crafts

picture frame craft wood on wall from picture frame

To create a bulletin board with a picture frame, you cover the front of the rear wall of the frame with a thin first Cork, so that the photos can be fixed later with small pinboard needles. The rear wall with Cork can be obtained then with fabric, so that the wall fits better to the remaining colors of the room. Now you can paste more patterns from different grinding belts it discretion so that the whole thing looks even a little prettier. If you use a very colorful patterned fabric, but you can also omit the Ribbon so that the wall is not to overload in the end.

Should you tinker with the wall for a children’s room, for example, you can use even after freely with small wood, for example, little owls, accents on the frame. When everything is done, important notes as well as your favorite images have a worthy new place now.

Fashion memo Board with frame and wire

photo frame DIY memo Board from picture frames and wire

A slightly different kind of wall can be very easy to tinker, securing as many cords of craft wire to the ends of a picture frame using small nails. Select this to best a special frame, for example a wooden picture frame with a vintage look. So that the nails on the sides of the frame no longer can be seen at the end, you bind just small loops of natural raffia or silk ribbon that’s why. Small wooden brackets can now also all notes or attach photos.

Key board with a picture frame tinker

picture frame craft key board with frame yourself DIY

Frame must be always used photos to be stored and presented. Taking out the back wall and screw hooks into the wood, on one side of the frame a picture frame can be wonderful work around to a key Board for the whole family. If tie still to a string, including from Ribbon, you can fix even small notes it. So nobody forgets guarantee the shopping list longer, finally usually nobody before the door goes without to pass the key board and to take his keys.

Natural wood picture frame tinker

picture frame craft picture frames natural wood yourself DIY

If the previous ideas for picture frame you were enough not individually, then tinker your frame is simply yourself. This is for example simply with a little wood, a little thin band and natural raffia for decoration. The wood that must be purchased, but you can easily collect’s walking even. Driftwood, which is washed up on the edge of most rivers with the current suitable by the way very well. To fasten the straps, simply drill small holes at the ends of the pieces of wood. A special drill bit should be used as far as possible as the Driftwood very easily chips or breaks even because it is very soft. When everything is ready, attach here your favorite photos with small wooden pegs.

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