50 Decorative Vases With Exceptional Design

Extraordinary decoration vases

Home accessories and small decorative items give a homely touch to the ambience and turn the House into the home. Decorative vases as an example. They provide more comfort and stylish accents. Want to spice up also your home and decorate in a creative and discreet manner, then let inspired by following extraordinary flower vases!

Below you’ll find 50 decorative vases with very creative design…

So pimp your interior design on

decoration vases creative ornaments Dolphin

The Decorative vase above consists of two parts and represents a floating whale.

Very clever – the Hanabunko flower vase seamlessly in the Bookshelf inscribes itself.

Give a fresh flair to the Bookshelf

decoration vases creative decoration book Bookshelf

Inspired by the forms of Greek amphora, this ceramic vases have asymmetrical handles and strong colors.

Contemporary amphoras

decoration vases creative designer of decoration ideas

Eagle characterized by a meaningful shade following mini vases by designer Jonathan, packed in a transparent block made of acrylic resin.

Insert the color accent

decoration vases creative Dekoartikel designers Jonathan Adler

Following vase in the shape of a banana has a solely decorative role, because she can not be filled with water. She is but is perfect for air plants or dried plants.

Vase in pop art style

decoration vases creative ornaments Salman

Sleepy Fox

decoration vases creative ornaments Fox

These are perhaps halved porcelain bears? -Thematically decorated for Christmas

DekoVasen creative ornaments bears halved

Handmade by one of the top glass blowers in the United States – made Justin Parker. He created the water tower vases in collaboration with the renowned artist Andi Kowel.

From attention to detail

decoration vases creative decoration floor vases glass

Handmade porcelain vases with geometric shapes

decoration vases creative ornaments geometrical forms gold accents

Test tubes as a futuristic flower vases

decoration vases creative ornaments Gerber test tube vases

Hilariously! It is an illusion that the gerberas to keep balance. Magnetic vases are actually and a metal plate is hidden beneath a table.

On the spot

decoration vases creative ornaments Gerbera vases restaurant

Clear vase with minimalist design

decoration vases creative ornaments glass vase transparent

A stunning vase from glass and Driftwood

decoration vases creative ornaments glass vase wood

The giraffe has a long neck and it is vase very suitable as decoration

decoration vases creative ornaments giraffe

Handmade porcelain takes the form of a prickly cactus and looks great with or without flowers. Use this charming vase for Succulents or other flowers of your choice.

Cactus made of porcelain

decoration vases creative decoration ceramic vase Cactus

You create a relaxed atmosphere with this Zen vase for air plants

decoration vases creative ornaments glass vase with sand for Succulents

Glass vases in various colours, which reflect light

decoration vases creative ornaments glass Vasen decoration ideas

According to the fine organic lines of the flowers themselves – extraordinary glass vases

decoration vases creative ornaments glass Vasen design

Playful tilted and elegant, each of the represented vases consists of blown glass.

Elegant glass vases in color

decoration vases creative ornaments glass Vasen colored

Create an illusion and surprise your guests. With this “vase”, cut flowers can float in the water alone.

Floating vase

decoration vases creative decorative items extraordinary glass vases transparent

Look at the following 30 decorative vases. You can find most of them at amzone.de/amzone.com. Browse a bit and will find it in any case.

DIY flower vases from old light bulbs

decoration vases creative decoration light bulbs DIY ideasdecoration vases creative decoration black paneldecoration vases creative ornaments Scandinavian designdecoration vases creative decoration studio Oatodecoration vases creative decoration vases with magnetdecoration vases creative decorative items birddecoration vases creative decoration space concrete eggdecoration flower vase creative decoration space Decha Archjananun concretedecorative flower vases creative flowers hanging ornamentsdecoration flower vase creative flowers hanging ornaments succulentdecoration flower vase creative ornaments heartdecoration flower vase nkreative ornaments Kane silhouettedecoration flower vase creative ornaments cats succulent containerdecoration flower vase creative decoration ceramic Vasen gold and silverdecoration flower vase creative decoration ceramic vases designdecoration flower vase creative decorative items completely from wooddecoration flower vase creative ornaments contoursdecoration flower vase creative ornaments contours glass vase rosesdecoration flower vase creative decoration Cork and porcelaindecoration flower vase creative ornaments gundecoration flower vase creative ornaments porcelain bottlesdecoration flower vase creative ornaments porcelain vase four balldecoration flower vase creative ornaments rdecoration flower vase creative decoration tubesdecoration flower vase creative decorations Pink Tulip nightstanddecoration flower vase round creative ornamentsdecoration flower vases creative ornaments universe themedecoration flower vase creative ornaments home accessoriesdecoration flower vase creative ornaments home accessories glass vases design

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