50 Great Examples Of Unusual Wall Clock Design

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wall clock design collage watches

Wall clock design to admire

We have quite a few eccentric and outlandish wall clock designs as well as Designer wall clocks shown. Today we have 50 cool examples of unique watches, which can make your home more extravagant, modern or surrealist. You need much imagination and humor to implement such creative ideas into practice. Here you can see almost everything – wall clock, which dial consists of a bicycle wheel, a colourful and stylish book clock, funny clock with eyes, a Domino clock and even a nuclear bomb. It is still bombastic with the melting clock in the Salvador Dalí style or with the tape wall clock. It’s just exciting. Stand by!

So you will miss the three-dimensional figure of one of the watches. Depending on how the light on the clock falls, you can then see the shadows of the digit. For the real retro fans among you, we have a great record player wall clock and a used stereo, which now serves a very different purpose. Perhaps you are but environmentally conscious and act more sustainably? Then the wall clock with the slogan it’s already time to do something about global warming would be designed just for you. Or rather are the creative type? Then the wall clock will impress determines, on which you can simply write words instead of digits. It is for you to decide how you shape the dial in this case. You can make clear, for example, feelings, actions, or wishes. And if it still not enough for you sounds interesting, then simply check the following pictures and decide for yourself which is the best design for you. You have the choice here.

Fine and elegant of bicycle rims

wall clock design bicycle rim red clockwise

For real bookworms

wall clock design Dicke books watch

Create more leisure time

wall clock design funny digit

Funny eyes clock

wall clock design eyes funny

Colourful and modern

wall clock design colorful spotted

A graphite discus

wall clock design discus titanium

Playful and raised with dominoes

wall clock design Domino stones large

A closer look

wall clock design great Donimosteine

Dominoes wall clock instructions

wall clock design Domino hours minutes

Space-saving and filigree

wall clock design of rotating circle

White painted with 3D digits

wall clock design three dimensional numeral

Read the shadow

wall clock design shadow clock

Minimalist design – circles in squares

wall clock design transparent

Electronic digit

wall clock design electronic dial

Converted old stereo system

wall clock design electronic number cylinder

Unique floor wardrobe with colorful wall clocks

wall clock design floor cloakroom colorful watches

Write directly on the dial

wall clock design itself write

Create your own personal design

wall clock design sense clock failed

This atomic wall clock looks almost like wall decals

wall clock design nuclear pattern

Melting clock in the Salvador Dali style

melted wall clock design

Colorful striped boxes on the wall

wall clock design of colorful subjects Orange green

The clock in various positions

wall clock design striped cardboard boxes

It is exactly 10: 00

wall clock design creative subjects striped

Abstract-looking dial

wall clock design abstract art

We can stop global warming!

wall clock design global warming

Unusual clockwise with LED lights

wall clock design led lights

Mathematical formulas

wall clock design mathematical formula

A perfect imitation of the bomb

wall clock design atom bomb

Modernist wall clock with an open mechanism

wall clock design mechanism open

This watch is simply created for the minimalist interior design

wall clock design modernist aluminum clockwise

Ingenious simplicity satin finished aluminium

wall clock design minimalist aluminum

Wall clock of fragments of

wall clock design Würfelförmige modules

You can place the little cubes after request

wall clock design mobile details square

An elegant plastic drawers in white

wall clock design plastic of white fan

If you stand on retro radios

wall clock design radio station

Or do you prefer old record player?

wall clock design record player retro

Very elegant looks only a record

Black record wall clock design

Minimalist and dignified in black and white

wall clock design black white clockwise round

Cool and funky

Black White Dial wall clock design

The spiral of time

wall clock design spiral beads

A funny OWL with big eyes

wall clock design stylized OWL

Original, surreal clock

wall clock design surrealist Salvador Dalí

The nostalgia of old times

wall clock design tape retro

Purist wall clock designs with pencils and branches

wall clock design clockwise pencils branches

Fine clockwise with magnifying glass

wall clock design clockwise magnifiers

Stylish interior design

wall clock design wall decoration modern

A smart idea for unusual wall clock

wall clock design minutes hours

Porcelain plates worked to

wall clock design white porcelain plate

Clockwise in fork and spoon shape

wall clock design mural clock white porcelain plate

Unique wall clock with liquid

wall clock design water columns

Smooth design with soft dial

wall clock design white soft dial

The ultimate world clock

wall clock design world clock

The perfect graphic design

wall clock design words

Wall clock with a chalkboard effect

wall clock design Word clock

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