50 Modern Examples And A Few Traditional Strategies For Sun Protection

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In the last few seasons, little has changed for the sun protection products for the outdoor area. The design concepts and the mechanisms for the installation were modernized. Innovations ensure an effective and environmentally friendly character. In addition, sun protection also fulfills several functions. In addition, he is harmoniously integrated into the modern garde design. On the other hand, this is increasingly an expansion of the interior space. We would like to consider the well-known alternatives for sun protection in this context.

Flexible, effective and neutral – this is the modern sun protection

Flexible sunshade beige

What specific opportunities are available?

The pergola and other stems as sun protection

Covered areas in the garden are a very good possibility for sun protection. These are permanent constructions which greatly contribute to the expansion of the living space. However, they restrict the open living space. For this reason, they must be planned very well.

The pergola is considered a traditional possibility and for this wood is mostly considered as a building material. Canopies can also be created from modern materials. They protect against sunlight and the space below it becomes cool. Concealed constructions also help protect the private space. Moreover, they can have a decorative effect and serve as vertical gardens.

Solar sails are popular because of the easy installation and the atmosphere they create

triangular-parasol-over-the-sitting area

Sunscreen made of fabric

The most favorable solutions are mostly made of fabric. These are the sunshades, as well as the solar sails. The first are more flexible and easier to install. The second can be acquired at a favorable price and protect a wide area from the sun’s rays. In this case, you must pay particular attention to the quality of the fabric. He would have to keep his color for a long time. In addition, it will also protect you from UV rays effectively.

The awnings, as well as the pergola awnings, also count for sun protection from fabric. Their installation is more complex and requires stable wall and floor. Loosening and tearing can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Among other things, you can also ruin the whole building construction and even endanger the health of the people present.

The installation must therefore be of the highest quality. However, if you decide to do so, give the exterior a lot of style and maritime mood.

Growing plants are considered a natural sun and private protection

White in contrast to the rest of the garden

Natural sun protection

The natural sun protection is suitable for the garden. It is about planting the outdoor area in such a way that the maximum effective shade is used. Mostly, growing plants are strategically placed. Also the greening of pergolas with climbing plants or vines can provide a pleasant shade.

Customized solutions for sun protection are becoming more and more common

Sun protection nature garden

How should we make a choice?

Before you make a choice, you have to evaluate the special features of your garden design carefully and set your priorities. In the first place, consider the additional functions that the sun protection should fulfill. Should he protect your private space from external glances? Should he help to spread the outdoor area better? Should the visual protection also take on a decorative role and which exactly?

Write your very own answers and evaluate all possibilities according to your criteria. We wish you a pleasant summer!

Accent in flash color
Blue sun protection also as accent
Dark brown seating area
Dark gray minimalist modern
Elegant sun protection material
More elegant way also at home
Inner courtyard canopy
Awning canopy
Mediterranean humor sun protection
Modern-sun-protection-for-the-terrace - Копие
Modern fabric canopy
Modern green sun screen
Orange as accent on a minimalist terrace
Paradisecke with fabric for sun protection
Paradise under the pergola
Simple roof garden
Black sunshade
Sunscreen-industrial - Копие

Sun protection on terrace in rural style

Sun protection for the playground
Sun protection swimming pool
Sun protection over the veranda
Sun protection and water source deco
Sun protection water source
Sun protection sun protection
Over a wood terrace orange
White canopy in the garden
Accent in blue by sunscreen in the garden
Matching color to vintage style
Simple design lots of flexibility sunshade
Fabric perfect
Sitzecke with neutral soothing sunscreen
Sun protection brown gray modern
Sun protection in glare at the same time
Sun protection natural furniture
Sunsail on the facade
Sunsail modern

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