52 Advent Wreath Examples And A Little More About The Meaning And Symbols, Which You Should Know

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advent wreath meaning candles Pink Purple

What symbolize the meaning of the advent wreath – the candles of the advent wreath?

Do you know how long the advent wreath does exist? Probably it already existed before Christianity. Like many other traditions, also this symbol has a pagan origin. But we go back so far. Also its Christian significance is not known to many people. Unfortunately. They lose by not knowing about the deep meaning of the traditions very often in importance and gravity.

What symbolizes actually the wreath?

ideas decorating Christmas advent wreath meaning candles color

Traditionally, he has four candles in specific colors

advent wreath meaning candles symbol decorating Christmas

Here, everything is not so complicated. All traditions and decorations of Christianity to symbolize the values of religion. These are not particularly complicated and involved. They are universal and easy to remember.

The festive table decorations for Christmas is something quite compulsory, if you want to dive into the Christmas spirit

advent wreath meaning Blau Apfel decorating Christmas candles

Stylish and symbolic table decorations for Christmas. Decorate the white candles with purple decoration ball

ideas advent wreath white candles Christmas baubles decorations Christmas

Candles bring always a sense of comfort. For Christmas, that is right to feel…

ideas advent wreath meaning candles of various colors

Will we try because, to understand them based on the advent wreath? If you know well the meaning of every single decoration, these could give you more inspiration for more creative ideas.


The first candle on the wreath symbolizes hope. She would have to be purple. The first candle stands for the first Sunday of Advent.

The colors of advent candles have a symbolism

ideas advent wreath modern candles color meaning


The second candle is purple. It symbolizes love and also the second week in advent.

Each candle features something different

ideas advent wreath candles symbol Christmas festive table decorations


The joy expressed by the pink color. This shading is also the appropriate candle on the wreath. This candle represents the third week of Advent.

Candles in glass – practical and stylish

ideas advent wreath meaning candles decorating Christmas


You can by a purple candle to symbolize peace. Thus, the fourth week in the advent calendar is marked.

Do you know the meaning of the advent wreath?

ideas advent wreath DIY projects, decorating Christmas festive table decorations


A white candle symbolizes the great Christmas feast.

White candle in the Center symbolizes Christmas. It is surrounded by the remaining advent candles

traditional advent wreath decorating Christmas candles colours meaning

White candles and Tannenäste can fulfill the function of an advent wreath

ideas advent wreath DIY decorating Christmas purple tree pendant

Different colors

It is important to know that the colors of different candles may differ depending on the tradition and country. In all cases, however, you have the aforementioned symbolism. It stands for important Christian ideals and for the time before Christmas.

Is associated with Christmas star and red apples

advent wreath ideas candles red star decorating Christmas Apple

Wonderful festive table decorations in purple and green.

advent wreath Decorating Decorating Christmas stylishly festive

Red candles and decoration ball

advent wreath meaning red candles Baumanhänher advent wreath decorating

The lighted advent candles create a feeling of calm, comfort, comfort…

advent wreath ideas candles side by side decorating Christmas

Elegant wreath with Silver accents and dark candles

advent wreath meaning candles Star Silver

Decorate the wreath with large Dekobändern

advent wreath decorating four candles pink purple ribbons decorating Christmas

But plenty decorate the home for Christmas

advent wreath decorating DIY ideas decorating Christmas Christmas craft ideas

When must you light the candles?

It begins with the first candle, which must be lit on the first Sunday of Advent. On the second Sunday, still the second candle should burn, etc. let the candles burn all day. It is enough if you light it before the coffee time or just before dinner.

Candles, leaves and cones

advent wreath Decorating Decorating Christmas candles glass red candle white candle leaves

Light the candles. Juniper makes the whole thing even more beautiful look

advent wreath meaning red candles decorating Christmas

Wreath from branches, decorated with self-made stars, can be somewhat rustic occur home

ideas advent wreath Christmas ideas red candles branches

Did you learn more about the advent wreath and its significance ? And have collected enough inspiring ideas as you make it yourself? We hope that it is so and wish you a wonderful Christmas time!

Stylish combination of red and white advent candles and modern decoration ball

advent wreath modern candles red white decorating Christmas

The festive mood do still festive fresh colors

Christmas Wreath decorating candles Pink Purple decorative elements of decorating Christmas

There are unusual ideas, like messing an original wreath yourself. Just let your imagination run free!

advent wreath ideas DIY spigot star white candles branches

It could be a plant pot in the middle of the advent wreath if you want to make exceptionally look this

advent wreath decorating Christmas white candles original festive mood

Or decorate it with nuts and decoration ball. The end effect is yet fascinating!

ideas advent wreath purple balls of white candles nuts

Rustic and unique! The combination of wooden stumps, branches, cones and stars is interesting and original

ideas advent wreath original festive table decorations Christmas

With cones and candles on the table put Bowl

ideas advent wreath DIY projects red candles decorating Christmas

The order of the advent candles. Yes several ways

advent wreath decorating Christmas symbols festive table decorations

Create an original table decorations for the Festival

ideas advent wreath meaning acorns red candles

Decorating Christmas in shades of blue and silver

ideas advent wreath Candles candle holder decorating Christmas festive table decorations

Red and green – colours which are associated with Christmas

Christmas Wreath decorating candles festive table decorations Christmas symbols

It’s Christmas already…

ideas advent wreath interesting ideas red candles festive table decorations

The cones and the Dekobänder are a nice addition to the wreath

ideas advent wreath pink candle blue candles decorating Christmas

When should the advent candles are lit actually?

ideas advent wreath meaning symbols decorating Christmas

Bring festive mood in your home. Burning candles write perfectly in the Christmas spirit

ideas advent wreath decorating Christmas candle festive mood

Juniper and Golden Apples give the wreath an additional charm

ideas advent wreath candles Christmas symbols decorating

Christmas table decorations and table runner Christmas mood convey the home

advent wreath decorating festive table decorations ideas Christmas table runner

Traditional festive table decorations for Christmas

ideas advent wreath decorating Christmas festive table decorations

A really interesting idea, isn’t it? Old dish can turn into part of the Christmas decorations

Christmas Wreath decorating ideas Christmas DIY ideas

Do you feel the coziness and the heat, which radiates this festival? The festive decoration will certainly help

ideas advent wreath decorating Christmas white candles Christmas cookies

Advent candles and juniper berries make the table look festive

ideas advent wreath pink candles festive table decorations

You can decorate with nuts odd. Surely you agree with, that this wreath looks strange

Christmas Wreath ideas failed nuts decorating Christmas candles

Very simple, but effective – they provide a chic Weihnachtdeko

advent wreath ideas DIY projects simply symbols meaning white candles

A modern variant of the advent wreath – each individual candle is a whole in itself

ideas advent wreath modern ideas of white candles acorns

Red flowers include in the wreath, to spice it up some. Together with green leaves and Juniper keeps more vitality

ideas advent wreath red candles leaves Christmas

The candles number and so the Christmas decorations give some originality

ideas advent wreath four white candles numbers decorating Christmas

White and green decoration for Christmas – unobtrusive and stylish

ideas Advent Wreaths Christmas Wreath white candles decorating Christmas table decorations

Tannenäste and Red candles are a nice combination that exudes style and festive mood

advent wreath candles red four Tannenäste

Decorate the wreath. De Coquettes and cones form a beautiful whole with the Red candles

ideas advent wreath red candles de Coquettes pins decorating Christmas

We associate Christmas with beautiful decoration

ideas advent wreath festive table decorations red candles green leaves

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