7 Golden Rules For A Healthy, Long Life

It happens to me more and more often that I meet older people who are fit and enjoy good health. Every time I ask myself anew: how exactly do they live, that they remain healthy even in old age? That was actually my main idea and began to research about the topic of healthy and long life. Meanwhile, I came across very interesting information and found remarkable facts. For example, life expectancy is growing worldwide. Scientific studies show that a person’s lifespan depends on many factors such as genes, everyday stress and the environment. But when it comes to healthy living, everyone can do a lot for themselves and live happily ever after. I have summarized the research carried out on the topic and today I want to introduce you to 7 golden rules for healthy, long life. It is definitely worth knowing.

Find out what you can do for your health and for a long life.

Two older families couple walk in the park good conditions golden rules

  • Golden Rule # 1: Think positively and work out a positive attitude to life

We start with what seems particularly important to us. Golden rules for healthy, long life involve positive thinking in the first place. A positive attitude to life requires that you also surround yourself with positive thinking and joyful people.

In everyday life, but also at work, set goals that are achievable. Any small or greater success also leads to positive feelings. Often go under people and have fun. Laughing and being friendly are the basics of positive behavior. In such a lifestyle, serotonin is shaken out in your body, as is well known, it is the happiness hormone and you feel well and have a good mood.

Good relationships and perfect family relationships make you happy traveling.

Golden rules for healthy long life together with the loved one journey inquire the world

  • Golden Rule # 2: Exercise and Exercise Keep You Fit

Exercise and sports are very important nowadays. People have known for a long time their good impact on body and soul. Besides, it’s never too late to start. It is not absolutely necessary that you spend a lot of time in the gym and engage in strength training and muscle building. No, no way! But go at least half an hour every day to the fresh air, take a deep breath and let your mind wander. Soon you will notice the difference, because every walk improves the mood and even in bad weather does your well-being good. Also do regular morning exercises or light stretching exercises, which keeps the body in top form.

Fresh air and natural light promote the production of vitamin D, which is indispensable for healthy and strong bones.

Golden rules for healthy long life cycling daily in the park

  • Golden Rule # 3: Healthy Eating – The A and O of Healthy Living

Nutrition experts and physicians argue that proper nutrition keeps our vital functions in motion and strengthens the immune system. It is, so to speak, the basis for our health and vitality. But what should we look for when eating? In short, the answer is this: be sure to include fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily menu. Do not forget the dairy products, take enough yoghurt and cheese. At least once a week fish should be on your dining table, but less meat, ready meals and preserved products. The latter contain hidden fats and a lot of salt, which has an unhealthy effect on the cardiovascular system.

If you like hot food, your metabolism is on the go!

Turmeric chili garlic spicy food metabolism on trot set golden rules long healthy life

Those who like to eat hot, certainly already knows the benefits of consuming chili, garlic, onions and turmeric. But beware: you should not overdo it! In addition, you should also reduce the sugar consumption, that is, sweets rarely eat. Depending on your mood, you can treat yourself to a piece of dark chocolate.

Put on fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Golden rules healthy food fresh fruits vegetables nuts

To lower cholesterol, you need it again healthy eating , In any case, you must drink enough. The recommended thirst quencher include water, fruit juices and herbal tea. smoothies are also good for your figure, but also for your health. So, only by clever measures regarding eating and drinking, you can stay fit, healthy and in the best shape for a long time.

Say”no”to fat meat! Feed fish and dairy products.

Golden rules for healthy life no meat but fish and dairy products

  • Golden Rule # 4: Sleep enough and stay healthy for a long time

Actually, the motto of our modern and dynamic world is called: sleep enough! Because the good and healthy sleep is totally indispensable and it helps to lead a long healthy life.. This is a life need as well as food and drink. If you can sleep well in everyday life despite the many worries and hectic rush, you will do a lot for your health. During sleep, our immune system, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system and the brain regenerate. After a good night’s sleep, you’ll feel better and look better. Our advice to you: sleep enough and regularly! Read also our article about more sleep in the winter but find more tricks for getting enough sleep in all seasons.

Healthy sleep is important at every age.

Golden rules for healthy long life healthy sleep important at any age

  • Golden Rule # 5: Mental fitness is a must!

Physicians often talk about mental fitness or busy brain jogging. Just as we care for our body, we also have to take care of the brain. It needs to be busy every day, for a lifetime. The brain needs constant occupation, otherwise the gray cells are degraded. Reading a book or listening to music daily, spending as much time as possible without a cell phone or laptop helps a lot and regenerates the brain. In order to stay mentally fit longer, you must also live actively. For example, attend courses according to your interests, travel, dance and socialize. How to lead a fulfilled, vital life.

“Make rain, bring blessings”!

Going for a walk in the forest remains the golden rule for a healthy, long life

  • Golden Rules # 6: Relax properly and reduce the stress of everyday life

Relax and switch off properly! This is a vital necessity for modern humans. The stress of everyday life is high and makes us ill in the long run. To avoid this, you need to select the best for yourself relaxation technique, which includes yoga, pilates and tai-chi. Meditating also helps a lot to reduce the stress level. If you have the opportunity, you can massage yourself from time to time with essential oils treat yourself or in the evening with a bath at home bath salts to take.

Everybody needs relaxation and relaxation at home…

Meditate at home Relax Relaxation golden rules for healthy long life

… or outdoors

Outdoor yoga pilates play golden rules for healthy long life

  • Golden Rules # 7: Prevention

Clever prevention also plays a crucial role in staying healthy longer and living happily. She starts with the right facial and body care. Use skin creams with sun protection factor and many antioxidants to make them look younger. Your skin stays firm and without wrinkles. Smoking and alcohol consumption should be taboo, they ruin our health and the perfect look. Instead, you need a lot of calcium and vitamins (A, B, C and D) to have beautiful skin and healthy bones. Let’s not forget the dental care – white teeth are always a signal for good health! Depending on your potential, strengthen your body and your immune system with alternating showers and sauna visits!

Hopefully we could help with this info. 7 golden rules for healthy, long life are now in front of you and you decide what to do from now on for your good health. Stay fit and healthy and live happily! That wishes you the Freshideen-Redaktion!

You can cycle with your darling and explore nature.

Golden rules for healthy long life together with the partner cycling inquire the nature

Every exercise is good for body and soul.

Exercise fit and healthy will remain golden rules for healthy long life

Travel with your partner and experience many great moments together!

Together with life partner travel many great moments on vacation experience golden rules for healthy long life