8 Cool Designs Of Household Goods For Daily Use

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cool designs of household cleaning equipment

8 cool designs of household goods

Some things at home, we expect always same look – the faucet outside, the socket, the light switch. Smart companies but are engaged in the design of the smallest articles and details. Here are some examples that have recently impressed us.

Above you can see the Clyde SOAP container with brush of Contexture, ivory white and blue. A brilliant idea. Here we have a brush that is also a SOAP container that collects the grease and fit also for the cleaning of the nail after working in the garden.

Adorne collection outlets

cool designs of household goods original Sockets

The standing against each other holes of the outlets form a unexpected wall composition. Nowadays you need anywhere in your home connection points, so a new look is requested.

The Invisiplug DO003 6 multiple connector, Dark Oak wood

cool designs of household power outlet Strip from dark wood

We all hate the dirty grey multi plug at the bottom. This proposal is quite timely. The multiple plug is available in different wood tones to fit the decor in the room.

This peculiar little thermostat by nest seems by Kenneth Noland, and Steve Jobs to be designed

cool designs of household goods hi tech broom

The designers are actually Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers. The bull eye form, striking colors and simple graphics make this device so interesting.

Eva solo Push broom and Dustpan set

cool designs of household of elegant broom and shovel

This set of broom and Dustpan can freely available (no lie) and mingle in a corner.

Handmade copper sprinkler system

cool designs of household goods irrigation system

With this clever water system you get texture of water, a sculpture and copper in your garden.

Ljusa hand-powered flashlight

cool designs of household flashlight in red

Flashlights are usually awkward things that are stuck in the bedside tables. This Ljusa lamp but has a bold color and hourglass figure. They want to like to exhibit them as an accessory.

This set of Kentexture below ideal bathrooms with white subway tiles, grey grout and a vintage for the black and white wall-mounted sink.

Have you seen recently also such House details with great shape, colors and graphics? Leave your comment below.

cool designs of household cleaning products for the bathroom

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