A Comfortable Holiday Home Without Money To Spend – As You Your Home Homely Design

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a cozy home warm atmospheric colors

Create a cozy home without spending money

It is not so difficult as intended to clean out your House or apartment and bring a little fresh air. Here you will find valuable tips sure to spend no money as you, can give your home more spice and freshness. You will be certainly surprised how many tools to keep you standing around and collect only the dust. This variety of small treasures waiting to be used only. Get started!

Rearrange your furniture

There is nothing easier than that. It is incredible how different the room looks after such a move. Put the chairs, the sofa, the chest of drawers and maybe the coffee table somewhere else.

In this way, you can leave even your room appear wider

a cozy home gleaming candle lanterns and leather armchairs

Get out the old cans of paint from the cellar

Certainly there are some of the good half full cans of paint somewhere in your home. Even if the color is not sufficient to delete an entire wall, you can use a few fresh accents. The ceiling and old pieces of furniture are as well designed.

An elegant accent to the room ceiling

a cozy home low elegant sofas and coffee table

Make use of old patterned textiles

Remove the colourful fabrics from the cabinets and use it as a cushion, bed covers, or chair upholstery. You can create a chic patchwork or put the most original textiles in frame and attach as wall art.

Variety of colors and patterns

a cozy home with embroideries and patterns

Freshen pillows, bedding and curtains

Give your cloth items more freshness and a new look. With Ribbon or tassels, pillows look completely different and coloured stripes on the edge of the curtain lend more elegance and serene charisma of the institution.

Fabulous turquoise

a cozy home turquoise and gold gloss

Lay out your treasures

Whether you are a passionate collector or simply valuable pieces of art who exhibit these treasures. Do not leave them in the dark of your cabinets or chests. Show your jewelry plate made of fine porcelain, old pictures, your vintage cookie jars and candle holders at last!

Dignified elegance

a cozy home white ceramic wall plate

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Place oversized mirror in your room. So you gain optical distance and the daylight will be stepped up. Big, heavy mirror can sit in quiet easily on the wall or on the mantel.

Neo-Baroque meets modernity

a cozy home of neo-Baroque crystal chandeliers

Use your fireplace in a new way

If your fireplace has not his conventional functional, you benefit, and they redesign it. Normally, the fireplace is a natural focal point in the room and therefore very suitable for an original decoration. You can paint the inside of a striking color, place a few artworks, plants or candles in various sizes in.

Romantic style

a cozy home of pillar candles In the fireplace

Get out the photo boxes from the Underblanket

Blow out the dust from your old photos and hang them proudly in the living room, in the kitchen or in the hallway. They can put them on tables, mantels and chests of drawers.

Memories in black and white

a cosy home nostalgic black-and-white photos and candles

Invite nature to your home

Bring a piece of nature in your rooms – fresh cut flowers, branches, stones, or pine cones, everything is allowed. Even the children will be thrilled. Quiet, you can issue the stones on the ground and the cones in groups on flat trays.

Natural freshness

a cozy home oval built-in Bookshelf

Decorate with fruit

Fruits are natural accessories with a unique, Visual and texture Ellen effect. Put citrus fruits, apples, pears or even pumpkins and quinces in glass bowls or large transparent containers depending on the season and can be more colorful and fruity everyday.

Tasty colorful

a cozy home elegant glasses of full leather

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