A Compact Shanty With Storage Room For Creativity And Style

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compact shanty with storage wood slabs window lighting

A compact shanty with storage room

These barracks in the sunny Santa Barbara, California, serves several purposes: it is a buffer zone between the road and the backyard, storage room for wheelie bin and work space. Sewell and his wife, Kenny Osehan, is owned by three guest houses and a restaurant in Southern California, and they wanted to have a nice-looking plant that meets their needs. The Designer Alex Wyndham was built with American Redwood, used Windows and transparent exterior made of plastic.

Look at the project:

Who lives there: his wife, Kenny Osehan and Chris SewellLocation: Santa Barbara, CaliforniaSize: 8 square metres, including verandaBudget: $5,000 for expenses and materialProject duration: 2 weeks

Construction: Johnny Gill

He has realized the whole wish list of the pair – storage room, work room, a hidden place for garbage can and even a small veranda

compact shanty with storage wood plate structure

Sewell has found 15 years ago in a second-hand goods store artwork before the barracks the brass.

Decorativecompact shanty with storage wood panels Chair backyard

The couple uses the space for different activities as colors, wrapping gifts and plants cultivation. A glass wall of the main building was the inspiration for the roof and wall of the barracks. The natural blue hue of the plastic countered the Sun of Santa Barbara. The filtered light provides a Green House feel.

Despite the ample sunshine in California, Wyndham knew that the Northern, shady place is not too hot or uncomfortable

compact shanty with storage wood plate seating

The veranda, which has built the barracks Wyndham on the back, makes the small building look great and offers enough shade, so that the couple can enjoy view of the backyard.

The used Windows let in the cold breeze

compact shanty with storage wood plate seat Office

The horizontal window at the rear was found for 22.52 euros at Habitat for humanity. Wyndham has mounted the window on the narrow side, so that it frames the mountain views.

It would be a shame to work in the shanty with a view on the wall

compact shanty with storage wood slabs window lighting

Easy plug-in panels and shelves are the storage room for tools and art materials.

The deep work surface has a large working surface for repair, art and garden projects

compact shanty with storage wood plate design architecture

The three big dustbin are under the inner work surface. The sliding front secure access to them.

A clean, modern look was achieved so with organic sense

compact shanty with storage wood plates vision protection concrete

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