A Mirror Quiz – What Personality Type Are You Really

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a mirror quiz beautiful design with metal ornaments

A mirror quiz – what personality type are you really

What would your bathroom mirror about you say? We offer some speculations with 11 very different styles of mirrors

Next time go to the bathroom of a friend and take a hard look at the mirror there. I think to yourself. And no, I’m not asking you to open it and look in the closet to see what is on the shelves. (You’re not a man, right?)

Just look in the mirror. In addition to the atmosphere in the room, he could tell a little something about your friend: passion, hobby, travel interests. In this sense, I have collected 11 mirror types are each different. First, scroll to see which you like. Then, read the description and see what level you like best.

Best suited: Craftsmen and Etsy buyers

a mirror quiz for shoppers in lemon yellow

Who you are: be etchings, paper art, hand and folk art inspires. You are attracted by the modern, but not the old school is dismissed. You like vintage flair. You see always the silver lining on the horizon.

Are your favorite travel experiences: browse the boutiques in places like Brooklyn, Portland, Seattle and San Francisco.

At the bar you usually order: A cocktail specialty bitter with the bartender’s very own handmade chocolate.

Her zodiac sign: Aquarius, cancer or scale.

Best suited for: modernists minimalists from the middle of the century

a mirror quiz for modernists very elegant and simple

Who you are: you are a die-hard fan of IKEA, but are now willing to donate for a well-made look.

Is your favorite destination: Northern Europe, with a special taste for Scandinavia.

At the bar you usually order: an aquavit.

Her zodiac sign: Taurus.

Best suited for: world people, girl by jute interior design

a mirror quiz traditional design

Who you are: keep up to date with the latest beauty, skin care, makeup and hair care. You are a dreamer of the day, and also a culprit, especially when it comes to entertainment. You love to make a big dinner party.

Are their preferred destinations: Athens, Paris, Rome, and wellness weekends everywhere.

You order at the bar: A Cosmo.

Her zodiac sign: Aries, Aquarius and cancer.

Best suited for: Bachelors

a mirror quiz for Bachelors old-fashioned

Who you are: you are on the paleo diet. You’ll love camp and Barber shops are fascinated by the old school. You see beauty in color brown. You are a touch freakish and impractical. You are in any case a Bachelor’s degree, because while this handheld mirror idea is clever, where is the store for makeup, brushes, hair spray, creams and other facial jewelry?

Their favorite destinations are: fishing camp in Alaska and the Yukon. Perhaps also Germany, Las Vegas and Austin, Texas are pleased with, for the grill.

At the bar you usually order: an artisan beer with a Bourbon.

Her zodiac sign: Taurus.

Best suited for: A budding artist, a designer, an architect, or a mathematician

a mirror quiz for very modern architects

Who you are: you like solving complex geometrical problems and think outside the box. Her favorite subjects in school were probably debate and philosophy. And that’s good because you can, spend time to explain to guests, who uses your plants, and why there are no clearly identifiable purpose mirrors. They are very similar to the concept of reflection, if not necessarily self reflection is.

Are their preferred destinations: vintage flea markets all over the world, because everywhere there are pyramids and geometric ruins.

At the bar you usually order: A Manhattan, but if you have the feeling to be more carefree, you will order a Margarita.

Her zodiac sign: Cancer, Libra, fish or Virgin.

Best suited for: the tasteful traditionalists

a mirror quiz for modern traditionalists

Who you are: you have opulent and balanced taste. You are married or in a relationship with employees, career-oriented person.

Are their preferred destinations: everywhere there is a Ritz-Carlton or four seasons.

At the bar you usually order: A Martini

Her zodiac sign: Gemini, Libra or bull.

Best for: romantic, world traveler and vintage lovers

a mirror quiz for vintage lovers

Who you are: you love film noir and are almost obsessively to Sunset Boulevard and Dashiell Hammett novels dedicated to. You love antiques and are attracted by shiny, glittering objects. Tightening and socializing is a perfect night for you.

Their favorite targets are: Palm Springs, Hollywood, New York City, the Côte d’Azur and Venice. You have to go looking for Cunard Queen Mary or the Orient-Express.

At the bar you usually order: A gimlet, a Negroni or a Venetian spritz.

Her zodiac sign: Cancer, Lion, Scorpio or contactors.

Best suited for: coastal residents

a mirror quiz for beach lovers and travelers

But the locals, who want to believe that every time if they are on the beach, they make a trip to the bathroom.

Who you are: you are a steward of the oceans and their species. They love outdoor sports such as sailing, croquet, tennis and swimming. The ultimate fun is finding the best seafood shack for a fish soup on the weekend for you or go on foot to the top of a lighthouse. They are energetic and adventurous.

Are their preferred targets: Maine, Florida and the Caribbean.

At the bar you usually order: a Cuba Libra

Her zodiac sign: Cancer, Aquarius, or fish.

Best suited for: collectors, drop-outs and enthusiastic travellers

a mirror quiz for drop-out, abstract design

Who you are: you despise the feeling confined to four walls. The wilderness is your place of rest with an affinity for mountains and jungles and even surfing. You want to remake found objects that are blown, usually on the beach or in your backyard. You recycle religiously and use jute bags to carry your Essentials.

Are their preferred destinations: Bali, Viet Nam and Honduras. Your dream trip is a Safari in Africa. In the States you could be Island satisfied with a wood cabin in the Adirondack or on the Pacific coast of Vancouver.

At the bar you usually order: A Mint Julep, Mojito or a herbal Benedictine and Bourbon.

Her zodiac sign: Virgo, Sagittarius or Capricorn.

Best suited for: city dwellers with a love of the theatre and Louis XIV furniture

a mirror quiz for city dwellers with an extravagant taste

Who you are: history was your favorite subject in school, and hunt read just a non-fiction book. Despite all your studying, you may go out with friends for drinks, for a game or antiques.

Their favorite destinations are: the castle of Versailles, greater London at Hampton Court Palace and London’s West end.

At the bar you usually order: Bellini

Your sign: Lion, Scorpio or RAM.

Best suited for: farm residence suburbanites with large courtyards and spacious bathroom

a mirror quiz for suburbanites with spacious houses

Who you are: you like balance, symmetry, and tradition. You have a garden where you grow vegetables and flowers. This year consider even a hive to make, so you can harvest honey in your own fields. They can be found usually on the farmer’s market on Saturday. And you have many hours shopping for quietly tasteful goods at Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma logged.

Their favorite destinations are: Tuscany, Upstate New York and Napa, California.

At the bar you usually order: wine, preferably a Merlot or Chardonnay

Her zodiac sign: Taurus, cancer and Capricorn.

Tell me: I’m right or I was out of it?

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