A Robust House Plant For Your Home Decoration

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a robust houseplant large fireplace Zebra fur carpet

A robust houseplant – the schefflera

Do you have to do something better than to remember to water your houseplants in the schedule? The schefflera is all forgiven and forgotten.

If you’re like most busy homeowners, then you want to have such houseplants that can require poor growing conditions, and every now and then to tolerate some neglect. The rays ARA lien, who is also known as schefflera, delivers something on this topic.

I live in a subtropical climate, where at night the temperatures rarely dip below the freezing point so that for me, schefflera is also a good choice for outdoor use. Or I can choose to move my plants outside in the spring and back to bring it when the winter comes. I have two large schefflera bushes that grow happily in containers for years.  The first I love so much, that I could resist after nine years to buy another.

Romantic and elegant at the same time by Cynthia Lynn photography

a robust houseplant stylish and elegant with candles

Schefflera is different from other plants, as the leaves in groups are arranged with her; they can be stained or green. There is also a dwarf schefflera, which is sold usually as a houseplant.

While the dwarf version at similar level as the standard schefflera is if they grow indoors, there is a marked difference between the leaves are both in the size of the sheet – the dwarf schefflera about half of the size of regular schefflera. Outdoors and in the soil, the regular schefflera can reach a height of 12.19 meters compared to a maximum of 4.57 metres for the dwarf schefflera.

Note: Scheffleras can be tall and thin, so if you are looking for something bushy, have no fear to buy two plants and to plant them together in a very large bowl.

Schefflera can be a shrub or a tree. I like them both, but maybe you can try the schefflera in its tree form. As you can see, the tree is not tight like a Ficus, for example, but because it lacks green, it is because of its nature.

A small schefflera is a nice companion to this ancient wooden box and abstract painting. While I personally am not a fan of the combination of red and green, green plants really well with red tones in natural wood furniture, hardwood floors, or even decorative accents are. Red and green are complementary colors.

Nostalgic mood by J rich design

a robust houseplant of wood antique wardrobe

The schefflera in this cosy and tastefully decorated modern living room is just the right size to balance the lush greenery in the garden, and to provide a fresh departure from any brown tones in the room.

Large ornament mirrors and dim lighting of Urrutia design

a robust houseplant round ornaments mirror

The schefflera is a great little plant, it is easy to maintain and can be worn to the sink for irrigation. In a House with hardwood floors, like this one, the irrigation in the sink prevents damage to hardwood floors by overflow.

Simple bench seat and stair railings from Aluminiumvon Logan’s hammer building & renovation

a robust houseplant simple staircase metal railing

A high schefflera fills the corner in this neutral-toned living room nice and blurring the line between indoors and out.

Rustic luxury in beige by Dayna Katlin interiors

a robust houseplant luxury furniture large painting and fireplace

A large schefflera, gives a playful tropical touch to this traditional veranda with its relaxed silhouette.

Round, supple shapes and accents pastelgrüne by RLH Studio

a robust houseplant traditional stem with Pastelgrünen accents

A foyer is an ideal place for a great houseplant, and the schefflera seems to thrive well there.

Beautiful mirror cabinet with classic ornaments

a robust houseplant classic wooden cabinet at the entrance

How can you deal with correctly the schefflera:

Light: Light diffused sunlight, but as a houseplant schefflera tolerates no direct sunlight, it is because she’s acclimated. Schefflera is a garden plant, where the dierekte Sun is normal in many tropical and subtropical regions.
Temperature: approx. 35 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (2 to 27 degrees Celsius). If your climate is rarely goes below the freezing point, please feel free, to make your schefflera outdoors.
Water: Water thoroughly and let dry the ground between the irrigations. Excessive washing can cause root rot, so a drainage is a must. Ideally, you should make the plant on a saucer of stones to avoid the runoff. Leaves, that is black is most likely a sign of excess watering, while foliage that begins to wrinkle, is a sign of insufficient water.
Soil: Use good drainiertes potting soil.
Feeding: Fertilizer is not necessary.
Pruning: If you so prefer a Bush, you prune it, to keep a compact shape. Schefflera jumps back even after a radical cut, so you have to prune don’t worry too much.
Pests: Schefflera is known slightly infested with spider mites. If you detect infestation, is the best option to make a non-toxic SOAP and humidify the plant at least once per week.

Additional considerations:

Air cleaning: It is known she’s efficient in the removal of formaldehyde and benzene air toxins.
Notes: Scheffleras are toxic to humans and animals when they are eaten. The leaves are not often fatal, if you swallowed it, but they cause a burning sensation, swelling, swallowing and in severe cases, breathing problems.
Natural Habitat: Taiwan and Hainan Island, China.

A proud, low-maintenance houseplant

a robust houseplant with Golden Mirror In the background

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