About The Mystery Black Light Color – Party, History And More

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The UV color known under the name of black light is only visible after irradiation with UV light. The most widespread and well-known example of blacklight color in everyday use are the banknotes with which we pay on a daily basis. All the money in the world has a UV coating, which is invisible to our eyes, which can indicate potential counterfeits.

Black light color bodyart2

Black light color

Black light

Ultraviolet light is briefly called UV light. A lamp with it or also a dark light can be bought easily at OBI, AMAZON or EBAY and the trick with the Geldscheinen try out. But for what purpose this special light can be used, see the next paragraph.

Black light color readable
Black light color banknotes

Black light color from the tube
Black light color cat

Blacklight color – art and entertainment

The”black light”process, but also the rarely occurring nature of fluorescent or phosphorescent plant species, have impressed many creative minds artistically. Thus a special art direction has emerged, which is called simply black light art. The black light art takes place by painting with black light color, which is clearly visible under UV radiation and allows the viewer to continue speechlessly. The blacklight also inspires many room designers and architects with its unmistakable look. The mystical character of black light is used as a design technique in motion pictures or in the black light theater.

Black light color minigolf koeln
Black light color maldives

Some of us know blacklight pictures from certain party scenes, where the black light deco is a must. The motifs of the pictures and the coloring point to an influence of psychodelic substances. In order to better and more clearly describe life in the night, this visual technique is applied in many music videos.

Blacklight color blacklighttheater

A remarkable feature in the art scene is the spectacular and great black-light theater, which unfortunately is rarely seen.

Black light color girl face
Black light color string style
Black light color party decoration

The popular black light is now needed more than ever. We humans are always looking for new experiences that stimulate our senses, such as….Black light Minigolf? Yes, this is not a joke, but a seriously meant and implemented sporting activity in more and more large cities, where the fun of golfing is doubled or even trebled. ( Black light island )

Black light color deco

Black Light District / Hamburg

No, it is not a mistake here and we do not mean the red light, but certainly the black light district in Hamburg, which is one of Germany’s largest indoor adventure world. ( Black light district )

Black light color ceiling design
Black light color minigolf2
Black light color game
Black light color minigolf
Blacklight color avatar
Blacklight color musicvideo

Black light decoration

The demand for blacklight exists and grows. For anyone looking for inspiration, or for technical equipment, or just for fabrics or pictures, we have a good address with a detailed assortment. On blacklight. You will find everything that your night-bird’s heart desires and expresses your unconventional point of view. Schwarzlicht.de )

Black light color
Blacklight color ozora festival goa
Black light color party decoration
Black light color bodyart
Black light color decoration party
Black light color nightlights
Black light color ozora hungary
Black light color during the day
Black light color clothing
Black light color room design
Black light color graffiti
Black light color cat
Black light color frog

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