Artful Garden Decoration Instead Of Elaborate Renovation: 7 Simple Ideas

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Half of the summer is already over. But hopefully we still have some nice warm days before, which we enjoy with full features. The beautiful, modern and impressive garden decoration will be very helpful. At the same time, we need simple ideas at this time of the year: We do not want to lose so long time with crafting and installing! After all, we have only a few weeks to enjoy the warm time.

The decorative garden decoration is very popular at this time of the year. It can transform the ambience with simple means and contribute to a great pleasure.

Industrial style for the backyard: A noble and practical idea

Stone garden in the backyard

Garden decoration in industrial style: Functional objects with decorative effect

The garden decoration in industrial style makes it possible to use existing materials and old objects. You can also use the remaining materials from old conversions and renovations. A typical project in industrial style would be a bench made of building blocks and a thick wooden board.

For the lighting one could use old lamps or chandeliers from the interior furnishings. Paint or varnish these only new. Our tip: With a bright color, they become a fabulous accent!

Finally, renovated metal chairs are functional and serve as a great decoration. Whether painted in a neutral or striking color, they are well-suited to industrial style.

Old chairs could find a great new use in the garden

Old chair becomes a planter

What you can not use inside can get a new life outside

Let’s continue with the theme”functional furniture and objects with an artistic effect”!

Any type Of old accessories or furniture N, which are no longer the newest ones, could find a new application with a new painting and creative positioning in the garden design in the industrial style. Distribute them meaningfully so that new zones for rest and entertainment, or comfortable storage and storage areas arise.

If the different objects differ too strongly from one another, you are doing something for the unification of the overall picture. For example, you can design the furniture in colors, textiles or decorative cushions in similar colors. You can group these by shading, shapes, or materials.

Or simply act according to the mix and match principle and listen to your inner feeling!

What do you think of a new color for the garden fence?

Painting in red great idea

Replace old existing structures

obsolete garden fence , Striking and totally broken stones on the garden paths, rusted metal doors or grates – do you know something like this in your garden? Of course, you can now completely renovate everything. If you do not want this, you can create straight out of these defects artistic effects. You can conceal the damaged parts with decorative decoration. Such would be the flower-heads or the flower-beds. If you decide to repair certain parts of the fence or floor, you can select a new material or color. This could create playful contrasts, which will enliven your garden decoration wonderfully. Damaged places on the floor or on the fence can still be hidden by new furniture. Position benches, chairs, tables and lighting so that they can serve you well, but at the same time conceal deficiencies and imperfections in the garden or distract attention.

With planters and raised beds you can create many great corners in the garden

New look with planters

Ornate garden design with planters

There are many plants that can be used in the garden during the summer. They serve as a great decoration. Above all, the climbing and hanging plants have an artistic effect. In this way, you successfully conceal damaged areas on the fence or on the outside wall.

A particularly widespread and very simple idea is to spice up a fence with gardening containers of the same shape and size, but in different colors. They can also position them to make an interesting figure together.

Leave space for art in the garden

Beautiful butterfly garden design

Distribute various art objects in the garden

On flea markets or even in their own cellar are often interesting objects that work like works of art. Objects made of metal, wood or stone are very suitable for outdoor use. Of course, you have to be repainted, varnished, or repainted in a different way. This will increase their artistic value even more.

So be”hunting”for such art objects, distribute them in the garden and spend the rest of the summer in a stylish ambience. Among the most popular art objects are the colored animal figures. You will immediately surprise your guests with the surprise effect.

Small birds houses for the fence

Ornate bird houses

Would you like to make your garden a livelier place? The artistic bird houses would be a great opportunity to do so. Choose an interesting design, continue to contribute to the artistic appearance of your garden.

Mirrors, mirror effects and bright colors

In the last section of this article, we will focus on the mirrors and light effects that spread a mystical atmosphere in the garden. Interesting objects can be enhanced by mirror or mirror surfaces. These are often used in art installations in gardens, creating an interesting psychological effect. We would also like to point out the possibility of using silver and other bright colors. They serve as a magical garden decoration at night, making the outdoor area a particularly exciting place.

The artistic garden decoration can move the expensive repairs very far backwards in the outdoor area. Through this, you can conceal many broken or no longer visible areas. Even if that does not work out completely, the view is at least strongly distracted by these. Or they do not appear so stubborn: in an artistic setting, even the not perfect objects are often given a particularly high, intrinsic value.

Garden ideas with artistic design


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