Attached Designer Furniture And Accessories For Pets

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designer furniture and accessories for pets shelves sofa

Attached designer furniture and accessories for pets

The most famous Pro arguments for the pets, we often hear: Bring a smile on your face, reduce blood pressure, and you forget the pressure of every day in their presence. Earn the best so your pets? And in allem – you deserve the best?

A number of modern Designgestaltungen to bring the pet-friendly fun back home.

The choice is very wide: trees for cats with dog toys with a modern statement furniture functions and others. The whole variety of furniture styles is represented in the current list.

Viewing the pictures below! Not every one of these pieces of furniture will enjoy your pet? And you imagine still, how appealing these items will look at home. Now will bring owning a cat not long only with the scattered dirt in conjunction.

Actually, the cat can help you increase your sensitivity to the design.

Modern trees for cats

Already gone are the days of the trees covered with thick carpet. Don’t lose by obsolete and old-fashioned items in room. You can purchase only a double-functional piece of furniture and it can serve both you and the cat.

Below we see the Sophia – wall mounted tree for cats in black. These two pieces are located on the wall and give many opportunities to run your little ones.

This piece is available in white and black, and it can be arranged in many combinations. How they say it in the commercials, will satisfy this upwards to increase the instinct of your cat.

With this occasion, your cat no longer at the table or kitchen surface needs to climb

designer furniture and accessories for pets shelf cat

Let’s look a cat tree in modern style now! Below we see the Sebastians – modern cat trees. These also include the pet production line of designer.

You can buy the pieces in black and white

designer furniture and accessories for pets shelves black structure

Know what is the best thing about Sophie – and Sebastian – modern cat trees? The shelves have double functions. You can set up where decorative pieces, such as books and accessories. The material of your choice determines how fragile they are. This is of course also with the character of your cat.

These shelves have double function

designer furniture and accessories for pets sofa pillow

Also the cat itself can use this cat tree in several ways: to relax, to hide, for exercises and to scratch. With its six different stages, it delivers very much storage space. Also, it was equipped with fabrics and carpets, which the cat can scratch at any time.

If that is not there, you could keep this design for a simple piece of furniture

designer furniture and accessories for pets shelves black

Modern animal shelves

My cat is an offspring of the pet of my neighbors. During a storm she was looking for a hiding place with me. Then I knew straight away – that is my little animal. Sometimes, the Hideout is the best thing we can give our animals. However, you can make their life also stylish and they will appreciate it. This purpose is the work of designer Marco Morosini! Let’s start with the transparent dog house.

Something better you can not dream of actually…

designer furniture and accessories for pets shelf dog

If you don’t like the free transparent areas, then you see the nomadic dog houses made of clay. These show a coloured interior design into strips. Everyone would home prominently place this shelf. Your cat will certainly spend a large part of their recovery there with.  [according to Marco Morosini]

Nomadic dog houses made of clay

designer furniture and accessories for pets white lodge

Below is the illustration of the work of the designer Marco Morosini and other Stellarkonsturktionen: the House of the good very.

Give your pet the deserved throne seat. How do you think this prominent position? What do you mean by this?

These are too stiff and offer little room for movement. This shelf has an opening! So your favorite cat can move freely.

Also a little fancy on the glass or acrylic display cases?

designer furniture and accessories for pets dog Chair glass

Often, we need to move our cats and dogs here and here. Why not we opt for a modern method of transportation?

You can use the Sleepypod Bed & carrier as a car seat.  This works beautifully in cats.

This design is suitable for all pets under 7 kilogram. Take off the cover and have a bed. Also must not run the pet before the ride free. [to be found on]

The animal will feel comfortable enough and enjoy the ride

designer furniture and accessories for pets dog bed

We now looking a different dog house: BowHaus modern dog furniture.

The powder-coated stainless steel and the starburst design show’s clear: this is a fancy dog house.  [according to trends updates]

Nice dog house made of metal

designer furniture and accessories for pets Hundhaus metal

As you can see it below also, it can serve also as a chic side table!  You can not argue with that! [according to DenHaus]

This is the perfect design for a House with many cocktail parties

designer furniture and accessories for pets dog metal

Now let us look at the territory of the cat… The cat box of goods will give your home a Southwestern-style. The traces of cat scratches absorb the fiber of the cartons and these hidden there. So, the living room remains free.

All materials are environmentally friendly and can be reused

designer furniture and accessories for pets tent

You can bring it to the floor with the following airplane Cat House. It’s a reproduction made of cardboard of the P-47 Thunderbolt (classic American Jagdbomder from the second world war).

Well, super funny details such as the figure in the pulpit with bikini get-clad cats on a sun lounger. [ Uncommon Goods]

Do you know these days, where the cat before energy can almost fly?

designer furniture and accessories for pets cat aircraft

Also this cabin was made of cardboard and is a wonderful Restort for the cat. This will enjoy it there to hide or simply walking around. Something you might not know: the box absorbs the pheromones of cats and it makes them feel even more comfortable. Often, you can arrange such cottage with fun details like as with a mouse head, a fish, a bird or a mounting plate with the name of the cat!

The cardboard cat Chalet is super stylish and cheap!

designer furniture and accessories for pets carton

Modern objects and toys for pets

Hardly one can describe this next piece by words – a DJ part for scratching from uncommon goods. But we’re already trying to describe. So now we go! And certainly, the cat will enjoy the mat for the scratching.

And this piece really turns!

designer furniture and accessories for pets fun idea

Should your pet with style serves its dinner? Do while at your favorite restaurant not, but it is supplied with a VIP service at home. It goes through the God room service! As you can see, there is a bowl for water and food. Now missing only the fluffy carpet…

Should your pet with style serves its dinner?

designer furniture and accessories for pets easy feed dog

The unleased life of Berlin plate from was created from nickel-plated porcelain. The shining form from fabric gives this piece a lot style and makes it a natural counterpart of your contemporary decoration. You can serve in this dish liquid and food. You can choose among different sizes.

Metallic Bowl for dogs

designer furniture and accessories for pets metal plate

Looking for colored, soft, curly and perfectly suitable for your cat? This is the toy spiral from Etsy shop Elevele! This improvised piece is made of 100% Merino Wool.

The fabulous ombre effect playing your pet makes a pleasure experience for you. Now the cat may like to romp around in the living room! Below we see many felt toys and they are available in many colors.

Curved toys for cats

designer furniture and accessories for pets cat toy wound

Yes, the dogs need toys too! Also the designer of the ZOGOFlex Hurley – this tube-shaped dog toy of company WestPawDesign did that. That are durable and they are wonderful to play. You jump, fly, and warp itself.

You have been created from the special ZOGOFlex material. It is absolutely non-toxic! [available on Getprice]

Useful chew bone for your dog

designer furniture and accessories for pets dog chews

Would you try one of these items for pets above? Top you may already have? Are they practical for your pet? Carefully consider and pick the right choice for your cat or your dog! We leave the decision to you alone of course!

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