Autumn Decoration For Halloween With Painted Pumpkins

Simple, but adorable fall decoration ideas

The spätherbstliche and winter mood occupies a growing place in our everyday lives. She of course has its own charm, but at the same time we miss the Sun and natural light.

Autumn decoration in colourful colours is very important precisely for this reason. Even if you have not so much time, you can make those. For the following ideas, you need a larger number of pumpkins, and lots of color. Do you know what is the best part?

Especially if you have a neutral interior design, you can use strong accents by this kind of decoration.

Herbstdeko from pumpkins

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Creative decorating ideas for making up

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In the fall, everything is somewhat empty and gloomy with each passing day. We need clearly much Joie de vivre and mood this season. So better make the pumpkins with brighter background color and wear patterns on it. That you provide a lively and gentle atmosphere in the room.

Floral and feminine

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Halloween and autumn decoration can be really chic. To use monochrome palettes and pair it with black and white geometric patterns. For a more glamorous set on gold and silver.

Modern elegance

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This idea can be very good with kids. You can run the Pumpkins as large cupcakes, Donuts, or other goodies in round shape.

Run the Pumpkins as big cupcakes

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The Kürbisdeko can get even a tropical character. You need to spice this up just with some leaves, beautiful background colors and matching thematic patterns.

Tropical Kürbisdeko

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Do you want more present than ever style vintage in your setting? Run the Pumpkins in shades that are typical of this style. Present this to a neutral, best Brown background.

Fill the space with beautiful vintage colors

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If you want to really brighten up your home by autumn decoration and Spice it up, you should opt for a white blue green color palette. Take the first one as a background and enter the other two shades as different interesting patterns.

White blue green

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You can distribute the Pumpkins practically at all points in space, where decoration is just lacking. You can lie on the shelves, between the dishes, or on the floor next to the coffee table. Pumpkins can also be placed outside the door. Consider them as equivalent interior design elements, which indeed they are! Not sad, be only space for the great ideas of the next season if they must then sometime off – you make.

Bring the Pumpkins in the places where it lacks atmosphere

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See below for more creative and inspiring ideas to the Halloween decoration

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