Away With The Old Jeans! – Decoration From Jeans Fabrics Is The New Trend

Editor   August 24, 2017   Comments Off on Away With The Old Jeans! – Decoration From Jeans Fabrics Is The New Trend

Jeans… The absolute classic in women’s and men’s fashion for decades. But the article is not about jeans, but about the popular jeans fabric, also known as denim. For months, a new trend has been taking place – decoration made of jeans fabric! All decoration ideas with jeans fabric represent a very discussed topic and we would like to introduce you to the latest trends.

More and more homeowners choose this new type of decoration. A logical decision because the fabric is particularly robust and durable. The denim materials have few wear phenomena. Many of us have old jeans in the wardrobe, which are no longer worn. The good news for you is that you can create a beautiful decoration at home with little effort. Our team has selected the best and most up-to-date ideas for you.

The fields of application of the jeans fabrics are very numerous and interesting. One of the best ways is to dress the furniture in denim. This DIY project is quite feasible, but you need a large amount of jeans fabric and, of course, certain previous knowledge. Our tip is to use different colors of jeans. No secret is that such a project becomes a real eye-catcher in the interior design.

Combination of couch from pallets and denim decoration

Couch-out of denim

The blue color palette provides a welcoming atmosphere

Furniture from denim

The most popular decorations made of denim include the decorative cushions. The reason for this is that they are very easy to sew. Such DIY instructions are perfect for beginners. The pillows can be sewn in a variety of shapes and you will not need much fabric. Of course, it depends on the number of pillows, but for 2-3 Dekokissen you do not need large quantities of the fabric. Torn jeans are perfect for this decoration purpose because of the unique look. If you do not have torn jeans pants, you can make these holes and cracks yourself. This optics can be made very easy. You should first consider whether they want torn jeans as decoration, or just single holes. The broken areas can be made using scissors, tweezers and similar tools.

Decorative cushions made of denim ensure a nice ambience

Deko cushion denim

If you do not have so much time to craft, then we also have an optimal solution for you. As table decorations, there are many ideas and projects that can finish within half an hour. Such examples are picture frames, small planters and living accessories made of denim.

Small decoration made of jeans

Denim accessories

Let yourself be inspired by our ideas and we’ll start with the old jeans. Our team wishes you a lot of fun.

Cover from denim

Deko denim

Deco denim tips

Decoration ideas

Deko ideas denim

Creative ideas

Deko cushion from denm

Deko furniture denim

Decoration from denim

Decoration pillow denim

Denim deko

Denim couch denim

Denim deko

Denim deko fabrics

Denim design

Denim design 1

Denim ideas

Denim chandelier

-In Ent Qual

Pillow denim

Furniture made of jeans

Bedroom deko denim

Table decoration from denim

Table decoration denim

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