Baumbank-17 Failed And Nature Designs

Treebank gray semicircle pillow

Baumbank-an optimal solution for man and tree

Nothing invites you more tempting to sit comfortably in the nature and relax as the base of a tree or a bench around a tree. And should you think it will ask an expert knowledge, such a bank to design or creating such a bank was a very complicated job, then think again! There is nothing that stops off in front of your dream – tree Bank! Either hire a carpenter or you order the Bank via the Internet quite easily or but check out the DIY’s Guide!

On every case we give today encouraging impulse designs that are currently on the market with the latest tree seat.

Round tree bench

A tree house for adults – a clever and ecological idea

tree seat overlooking

Round tree bench with views

Because the tree trunk is round, it makes much sense if its form follows the seat. This tree seat with views is the best Jewelry for your rooftop. The wooden slats of the Bank correspond perfectly with the boards on the railing.

Tree benches allow social gatherings under a tree

Treebank Redwood round

Eternal redwood tree bench

This eternal redwood tree bench has a practical back. In addition the ground Redwood is a very appropriate material and if you make it weatherproof by paint or sealant, this tree seat is guaranteed endure an eternity. This is available at

Medieval atmosphere and contemporary garden design

Treebank walleye round middle ages

Rustic and robust the Bank looks very well if the tree trunk is strong

Treebank gray downtown rustic

Treebank with medieval look

This tree is built with strong character.  The round cut-out along the backrest is reminiscent of the middle ages. The radial alignment of boards including make this tree seat even more appealing.

Elegant solution to lean on while sitting in the round

Treebank walleye round armrest

Treebank Luna from Redwood

The next Redwood Bank offers 12 seats and each has an armrest. Incredibly good, you can create your own privacy here, this tree seat should be located even in public.

Matal tree benches can also very charming look

Treebank grey bronze

Hexagonal seat benches

Sechseckicke tree seat on wooden floor

Some may be fascinating, but add some corners and check out, can emerge a hexagon and other forms.  Clear proof of this has this rooftop Treebank.

This Hexagon is an imitation of the wooden floor pattern

Treebank terrace wood floor

Grey hexagonal tree seat

Tree benches can you meet on green lawns, gray concrete courtyards or on wooden floors. No question, this grey tinted tree bench has a very modern look.

Here too we see a balance between material, form and colour

Treebank grey Hexagon

The tree leaning on, without damaging the rough surface of the bark, Yes, this is an experience in itself!

Treebank Zander Hexagon small

Hexagonal tree seat on pebbles

The focus in this fantastic garden is definitely this hexagonal tree seat. See how pleasant the warm wood tones complete the Pebble garden?

The next thing we see is the tree Bank of cedar wood with elegant backrest and Golden shimmer. The original model can be found at Hayneedle.

Looks similar to the next tree Bank, called tree hugger, seat of Brookstone. She can wrap around each tree you choose, and just like the tree Bank before it, which is available for around €300.

The focus here is on the well designed garden. The straight seat stays away.

Treebank Zander Hexagon pebbles

The variant here once again with backrest

tree Bank Zander Hexagon

Even more creative solutions

L-shaped tree seat

We finish the today’s post overlooking tree benches, which exceeded our expectations. If you want to make a one-off bench, forget the suggestions so far and choose the L shaped wooden bench, which is shown in the next figure.

L-shaped frame is a class solution for cross-trees

Treebank with L shape

Semicircle Treebank from Redwood

An interesting consideration is only half of the circle to use especially when it is not possible to include the tree of all sides with the Bank.

Proposal of 180 degrees for a clear definition of foreground and background

tree Bank semicircle

Artistic recycling garden tree Bank of BHG

Quite frankly, is this not a fantastic idea? In the left photo, we see the painted bench, where each individual cutting boards in different levels of color is dipped.

The next picture shows a wooden bench with colored mosaic patterns and floral elements.

Variations are recycling time and naturally

tree recycling Bank

Modern square tree seat

The look and feel of the next square bench is smooth and modern. Their form is adopted by the colourful cubic cushions adorn this chic inner courtyard, making him a home.

A square seat after the sandbox principle

tree Bank Quadratt Court

Square tables around a thin tree tree Bank.

There is no tree, which would be too thin for a surrounding Treebank.  In order to enhance the effect, let a sufficient opening in the middle of your tree Bank.

If the target tree is very thin, you can use the bench as a couch or a table

tree bench with narrow tree

Flowerbed Treebank

Also a larger opening can leave, which you fill with soil and mulch, resulting in a flower bed could arise. Simply exploit the space up!

Simply pour into Earth and realize a mini garden

Bank tree with flower bed

Deck landing-tree seat on a magnificent terrace

The next unusual tree seat is more of a patio deck area, but it is a good idea. This eye-catcher decorative pillows and complete the casual look

Casual and pampering your tree stem – wrapping can get well

tree bench with sunbathing area terrace

Creative seats by Mono GON

Finally, we present some creative solutions for tree benches Mono GON that can powerfully change your space. All you need is a potted plant one (or two). Whether you are looking for a different seat or an alternate table, here is the way to meet your needs.

Stylish proposals for dynamic design of the Interior

Bank tree with Eingetopftem tree

Do you have a favorite? We sincerely hope that we again could satisfy you!

Tree benches can find applications in many city centres and urban parks

tree Bank gray downtown