Beautiful Artificial Flowers From Handkerchiefs Yourself DIY

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artificial paper flowers stained wall decoration

Instructions for artificial flowers made from paper

Ask yourself lately, how could freshen up the walls in your home and how to redesign? This is of course possible in different ways. But today, we show you a relatively light variant, which carry out is with a little patience and very little effort. It’s actually about handkerchiefs. Understood correctly. This otherwise banal, everyday items that we use more often in the winter, here are the main craft supplies for beautiful artificial flowers. Look at down, you still need and how is it done right.

Craft supplies:

colorful handkerchiefs
Thread, yarn or binding wire
Painters masking
Everything you need at a glance

artificial paper flowers materials


1 step:

First, cut the handkerchief in any size. The width of cloth should be at least twice as large as the length for the development. Use several pieces of paper, if you want to make thicker flowers (about 9-10 pieces) and 5-6 pieces for delicate flowers.

2 step:

Wrinkles is to see the handkerchief in a Leporello fold (zigzag fold) as shown below. The folds are wider, longer and more delicate even the petals will be. If you want to make thicker flowers, then you should use logically also several layers of paper and make closer folds.

Simply follow the steps in our manual

artificial paper flowers tissue guide

3 step:

Tie the thread exactly in the middle.

4 step:

Using the scissors, cut the two ends of the paper around. As you form the petals. If you want flowers in pointed shape, then cut the ends in a triangular shape.

5 step:

A bit separate folds apart and begin to unfold each layer on the outside. Pull the outer fold to the Center and bring each layer from there outward. A fold on the one you then alternately press and on the other side until you get to the last. Keep the last fold flat so she can hold later on the smooth surface.

Gorgeous, pink flower

artificial paper flowers pink rose

6 step:

After you are done with the flower, you can use the painter crepe to attach the artificial flower to the wall. On request, you can add a green handkerchief from which you can cut a piece for the green leaf.

Eco-friendly decoration idea

artificial flowers paper flowers purple flower rose green leaf

The artificial creations are suitable not only as vibrant wall decoration. You can use these as original table decorations or as a creative gift. Give free rein to your imagination and make beautiful flowers from simple handkerchiefs! Much fun!

Fresh, lively colors freshen up your walls

artificial paper flowers orange flower green leaf

Use different shades and textures!

artificial paper flowers paper roses stained handkerchiefs

Home, download the Joie de vivre!

artificial paper flowers wall decoration flowers

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