Beautiful Flower Patterns And Trends For The Year 2013

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beautiful floral patterns and trends table lamp green

Beautiful flower patterns and trends for the year 2013

The flowers makes the April and may has the gratitude…

But who says that you have to wait until next May to enjoy the flowers of the season? Current offers at floral flower patterns are abundant, they celebrate fresh colors and interesting shapes. Today, we would like to introduce the outstanding floral pattern for the year 2013. You are surely unprepared catch these selections – from the modern abstract flowers up to the watercolor-inspired print motifs – in the best possible way!

beautiful floral patterns and trends bedding interesting

You might find traditional pastel floral designs at any time, if you well know, but why not try where you should look, because, to use some modern variants of the beloved classic patterns? Also at retailers that offer in principle rather conventional Designmoden, are one or two articles in a brand new style. Remember when studying the below attached images what attracts your eye. It may be that not those tips which show off the strongest colors or abstract execution, also the effektvollsten, prominent or most original are necessarily. Some decorative pieces with floral patterns have an irresistible quality which can be difficult to describe clearly! What is most important: go you not assume that “Spring flowers” have become something like seasonal clichés. As we show in our contribution, is behind this style more than you’d expect at first sight…

Floral wall wallpaper and curtains

The beginning with the Serena wallpaper, we use natural multi, a vital proposal by Laura Ashley. What is the product description that is published on the website of stylist, it’s at this sampling a “floral design stylized to contemporary fashionable flavors with accents.” And it’s really! The most impressive however is in the way, how these patterns by Laura Ashleys deviate from standard and a reintroduce some retro style elements in the mix!

Modern floral designs of Laura Ashley wallpaper

beautiful floral patterns and trends wall Tapetendeko

It’s hard to feel attracted not by the next IKEA Curtains with abstract floral motifs… This pair of curtains with the simple name “Janette” striking bright green shades with a bold design. For your information: The model is also in grey.

Modern abstract patterned curtains

beautiful floral patterns and trends curtain curtains

Below we see the shower curtain of winter flower DKNY, a design by Donna Karan with slender close option on the right side. On this bathroom product in deep purple, roses seem to be ready. It is actually the Amethyst tones, which distinguish the shower curtain in a very strange way, by lending him a decadent look. The General Pearlescent effect is due to the Bronzveredelung…

Purple shower curtain with flower patterns from Donna Karan

beautiful floral patterns and trends purple curtains

Flower-patterned pillow

Throw pillows offer the perfect solution if you want to inject a dose of floral style elements in the room. Below is an attractive pillow design by Z Gallery and we are very crazy for the Ikat look of this model named Jacqueline. The abstract shaped flower composition combined hearth, cream, blue and Mint – tones, although the article also in shades of lemon yellow and steel grey is not available. Did we mention that the pillow with down filling is equipped to maximize comfort? …

Abstract decorated cushions

beautiful floral patterns and trends rose abstract pillow

The next offer of West Elm, the flower-patterned pillowcase of the siesta, there’s something chic and traditional at the same time. This may probably be the decoration pieces the appearance similar to a life vibrant watercolour, or is it because that eye-catching shades were used such as coral, pink, and blue. The pillow case is made from 100% cotton, the usage is separately in sale.

Wasserfarbenes pillow – turquoise table lamp

beautiful floral patterns and trends table lamp green

Speaking of traditional Vintagemuster – nobody can do better on the current fashion trends to adapt them as Jonathan Adler! The new Flower Pillow project of the designer is called Brasilia and is inspired by the shapes and colors of nature. As an added bonus is the fact that the fabulous retro item is hand-embroidered.

Beautiful flower on the pillow from Jonathan Adler

beautiful floral patterns and trends pillow Jonathan Adler

Bed linen with floral motifs

It is worth to emphasize that no time of the year can compare with the spring, if you randomly made, to clean out your bed! Why do you draw not the flower print pattern into consideration? And in particular such as the unexpected designs, which are decorated with the black and white-linen series Marimekko Kevatesikko from Crate & barrel. This design model, designed by Erja Hirvi, based on studies of the form and structure of a flowering Meadow Plant: guess which one is it! Yes, Yes, it is the Cowslip. What resulted: the good old Botanical concept with a refreshingly new and modern face!

Black and white bedding

beautiful floral patterns and trends bedding black and white

The floral Duvetbezug & Calista duvet set – one in comparison with the rest of the typical offerings of Pottery Barn to a slightly greater extent simply designed and stylized line–is made from a fabric that represents a blend of cotton and linen. The design evokes the charm of a flower-patterned cloth of the neck as well as the particle symmetry of the mosaic images. And can anything be vitalisierender as the color palette in blue and white, especially when the transition to summer on the agenda?

Navy Blue linen with floral prints

beautiful floral patterns and trends blue duvet cover

Flower-decorated carpets

The floral carpets are so degenerated that they as well as the heart of the area serve, how can also play the role of a bind point of the genazen facility in the room. Let’s just say that the shown here decorative pieces rather belong to that type is intended for the Center… Welcome ÅKERKULLA – a new design by IKEA. This rug with a low pile is on the one hand by a folksy, traditional look, but characterized by bold outlines and shapes, which bring the sensitivity of carpet designer for modern modes of expression to bear.

Colorful rug from IKEA

beautiful floral patterns and trends carpet stained IKEA

It against almost impossible to the attraction of the botanical rug by CB2 in Burnt Orange aside, especially since his high-spirited design and its fiery colors are true temptations! This gem was designed by the artist Matthew Lew, who let go a fascination with the flower in his work after a trip to the botanical gardens of Chicago. The result leads an effective optical game with surrealist flowers in mind, it is a carpet that grips our attention with its linen white, grey and Brown-grey tones on a bright orange background…

Glowing orange botanical patterned carpet

beautiful floral patterns and trends Orange botanical rug

The last article, we now place in the spotlight, is a carpet that odd surprises with its abstract design and exceptional form. Angela Adams’ hand-quilted garden carpet in pure wool belongs to the series “Paths and paths” (“Pathways”). The piece inspired by a walk in the garden is made of one hundred percent New Zealand wool. Wonderfully weird, isn’t it?…

We hope to have shown that floral pattern long are not what they once were with our contribution. And so a finding is really inspiring! Nothing can cheer up so much like the new twist on a classic concept. By decides for all abstract proposals, drift into the territory of retro fashion or prefers extra bold designs, we can hold a real floral celebration, which corresponds to the latest design trends of spring!

Abstract-patterned runners by Angela Adams

beautiful flower patterns and trends colorful soft carpet Angela Adam

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