Beautiful Garden Design And Landscaping – Make Great Combinations The Best From Your Garden!

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Great combinations, make the most of your garden!

Would you mix because formal and more elements in your home design? I’d do it ever again. I get the inspiration to do so above all through the fabulous formal garden landscapes, which are determined by fluid, informal paintings.

Many gardens in the middle of the last century were carried out in a very traditional style. That was the main tendency especially in the gardens of some communities and parks. There they used the different plants in different seasons to fill the bounds.

The English garden designer William has established is Robinson at this time for a more natural garden design. Whose opinion is the formal approach only in certain cases suitable, namely if natural carpets made of geometric shapes in the garden are obtained by their orders.

Both views were later replaced by another. While the Edwards era, also called belle epoque, have the two super designer Gertrude Jekyll and the architect of Edwin Lutyens mixes the formal and informal organization.

Lutyens is a young architect who has designed the Cenotaph in London. This applies also to viceroy’s House in New Delhi, India. He has great experience in the design of the skeletons.

He was the best not only to put the right plants into the right place, but to complement the complicated architectural structure of the apartments also through these

Beautiful garden design and landscaping

beautiful garden design and landscaping stairs concrete privacy

Use a complementary design and the combination of formal with explicit elements were then the norm and is based on the modern designs of gardens. This strict, rising above the Earth planter can dominate in the garden. The intelligent use of informal plant design makes them softer and ensures a balance.

Gertrude Jekyll has added many simple rules. These are some simple, how about checking the compatibility of the plants for the gardens built specially for them.

beautiful garden design and landscaping deck pads in the next picture you can see another example of the harmony between strict and more random elements

The garden of designer Jekyll and Lutyens showed always a geometric plan, coupled with an asymmetric appearance.

The large Brugmansia plant this is not central to the design, but overwhelmed.

Also in the modern gardens, the free design in addition to the formal may well exist. None’s suspended the other. The inaccurate cut balls from book tree wood create a rhythm from plants which reflect the strict lines of the walls and the sidewalks.

The stains of the free, informal plants break this up somehow.

According to Lutyens, there is no clear line or curve in nature. Any line or curve is subject to the forces, by which it was created. The schemes in this figure follow precisely for such a belief.

Ask yourself what is the clever trick with this theme? Free planting makes the landscape not only soft, but transforms the surroundings into a work of art.

According to Jekyll and Lutyens, the garden should look like a fine production of the House without much extravagance.

The House entrances and the immediately adjoining building areas tend to be very formal

beautiful garden design and landscaping shrub railing concernDie can be fitted with tree wooden fences or other cut Evergreen plants gardens. Such facilities could serve as a connection between the sidewalk and the House wonderfully also.

Through the use of less formal plants, the connection is much softer and the two sides achieve a harmonious interaction

beautiful garden design and landscaping deck plant

In the figure, we see a mixture of Miscanthus sinensis (China cut) with a number of low-growing plants. Some people keep this type design for a garden design. But certainly it’s a crafty garden design.

The horizontally growing Juniper could be tried alone beautifully even on himself. Then it provides an informal break between the strict lines and the surrounding walls.

In this example, we have a strict formal garden structure. It consists of a path of pavers between a sea of gray stones.

Most people would prefer a formal line of spheres and trees here, but instead we find here free and informal plantings.

beautiful garden design and landscaping plants you can find the combination of formal and free operation even in the most modern roof gardens

The plant in the container is very simple. The garden in General shows a formal design. Without the originality of the plant, this area would seem very sterile.

In the most contemporary gardens you will find a very controlled planting within the framework of a minimalist design. In this case, it’s about the designer who wants to artfully handle the connection between the garden and the House.

There are a number of recurring species in identical containers

beautiful garden design and landscaping sliding doors

The repeating container rows are planted mostly very formally. The clipped Evergreen are always in the foreground. In the figure below the General informality was broken however. Has done through the astute use of herbs. These include garden Sage, thyme, Rosemary, oregano. These are all irregular, informal plants.

These are not only decorative, but they are also the perfect place for a herb garden next to the House!

beautiful garden design and landscaping paving slabs stones walk

At the ceremony at Jekyll Lutyens once said the following: the real decoration of the garden is situated above all in its plants and flowers. No other artist has such a wide color latte as the Garden Designer.

Also just like I to keep the contemporary Garden Designer for real artists? For me, the “new english” is the perfect example of this style.

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