Bedroom Set – Discover The Mystical Far East

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bedroom set up Asia shaggy carpet ceiling window

How to set up your bedroom in an Asian style

The Asian style is probably one of the most popular decorating styles at all. He is again in vogue lately, and is reinterpreted. Very often, the designer interior design projects that modernize the style or mix it with other styles. When it comes to bedroom set up, the far eastern flair is simply the perfect matches. It gives the room a contemplative, meditative atmosphere and perfect peace, you know the best way to appreciate in the bedroom.

When it comes to Asian style, is especially items that come from the Japanese or Chinese style. Here and there are also Indian details. But dealing with these permanent Zen mood that can take us to inner balance. Today we present 57 elegant solutions for the interior design of your bedroom in the Asian style. Draw inspiration from it and create your own refuge of silence.

Natural tones and fine surfaces

bedroom set up Asia freestanding bathtub

Strong, driving colors

The general idea of the Asian style usually associated with neutral and natural shades. This comes primarily from the Japanese design. Let us look but behind it. For example the Chinese style is dominated by Golden plush accents, dramatic artwork, beautiful patterns and bold shades of purple. Imagine what will get your bedroom as a result for a luxurious, colorful look. A different, very popular colour is red. His fiery aura spreading passion and sensuality in the bedroom. A modern bedroom Asian-style offers not only traditional gold, purple, and red, but also pink and orange nuances.

Minimalist and organic

If you stand on the minimalist interiors, the Japanese style is right for you. The main motives here are beautiful waterfalls, koi ponds and rock gardens. It is a revelation of the ancient Feng Shui philosophy, which can transform your bedroom into a realm of perfection. Blinds made of bamboo and beautiful wood furnishings provide an organic, inviting appeal.

Japanese calligraphy is very popular as wall decoration

bedroom set up Asia low bed window roll

Unique style fusion

The Asian style is actually itself a challenging mix of styles and elements. He reconciled as well with different furnishing styles. Here you can see it exactly. In some of the bedrooms from our collection you will find also colorful, exotic motifs, as well as modern, industrial elements. Asian-style match Indian details such as wooden carvings and ceramic or metal statues.


The round paper hanging lamp is one of the most popular pendant luminaires, which have their roots in the Asian style. We all know it long and have had determined already at home. Now the right time to integrate the Japanese paper pendant lamp in your bedroom interior design is accurate. Combine this with cleverly positioned recessed lighting and you will achieve the perfect lighting for your Asian bedroom. You are almost done with the facility. Do not forget! Use our tips and use your imagination. Remain still attentive and not overdo it. Strive for perfection and balance in every detail and create your own special privacy in the bedroom!

Subtle fusion of style

bedroom set up Asia concrete look wall Nussbaum Holz

Massive wooden furniture and pastel Red

bedroom set up Asia bed canopies coral solid bed bench

Light wood and orange shades

bedroom set up Asia bed lots of storage

A yellow accent wall refreshes the room ambience

bedroom set up Asia four-poster bed ceiling fan

Filigree wood carvings and subtle recessed lighting

bedroom set up Asia woodcarvings

Industrial look with open brick wall

bedroom set up Asia industrial open brick wall

Antique furniture and gold accents

bedrooms Asia solid noble wood ceiling fan

Asian meets modernity

bedrooms Asia modern headboard stone imitation

Neutral shades and silver decoration

bedroom set up Asia Naturals silver decoration

Asian bedroom with cottage style

bedrooms Asia open beams

Elegant, oval paper pendant luminaires

bedroom set up Asia Oval Pendant

Finely networked lampshades

bedrooms Asia oval pendant lamp

Minimalism with an Oriental flavour

bedrooms Asia oval bed fur carpet

Paper chandeliers and open beams

bedroom set up Asia Paper Hängelampe open beams

Asian aura in masculine tones

bedroom Asia black furniture high pile carpet

Silk Sheen and warm wood

bedroom set up Asia silk bedspread statue

Neutral backdrop and colorful Chinese motifs

bedroom set up Asia style Embroidered Pillow

Symmetry and warm pastel

bedrooms Asia style mix

Bamboo window roller and floor carpet

bedroom set up Asia carpet beige precious wood

Fine artwork and bonsai

bedroom Asian bonsai

Passionate accents in red

bedroom set up Asian dark red accents vases

Rectangular shapes and dark wood

bedroom set up Asian dark wood dark textiles

Antique finds and splendid carvings

bedroom set up Asian antique furniture

Masterful wall decoration from the far East

bedroom set up Asian landscape wall decoration

Filigree Samurai miniatures over the bed

bedroom set up Asian miniatures staircase bed

Eclectic bedroom

bedroom set up Asian furniture Leather Headboard

The Chinese Dragon is also a very popular symbol in Asian-style

bedroom set up Asian design red furniture

Fresh orange accents and woven blanket

bedroom set up Asian flair Orange blankets

Far East landscapes on the wall

bedroom set up Asian drawing window roll

Modern interpretation of Asian style

bedroom set up Asian drawing wall decoration

Bamboo branches – unique Zen

bedroom set up Asian padded Ottoman cobalt blue

Indian art and modern look

bedroom set up Asian wood carving statue

Paper walls and cylindrical floor lamp

Asian bedroom bed

Fine leather and beautifully decorated cushion

bedroom set up Asian leather chair cushion

Minimalist Japanese style

bedroom set up Asian minimalist

Ultra modern with an Asian flavour

bedroom Asian modern

Summer Unbeschwerlichkeit

bedroom set up Asian modern country house

Traditional room divider partitions and the popular paper hanging lamps

bedroom Asian room divider paper hanging lamps

Bird of paradise and a velvety Red

bedroom set up Asian Red Velvet duvet

Modern art and subtle Oriental details

bedroom set up Asian black furniture

Modern meditative touch in the bedroom

bedroom set up Asian Chair footstool shaggy carpet white

Dim lighting and traditional carvings

bedroom set up Asian carved privacy

Drum chandeliers are often seen in this style

bedroom set up Asian sisal carpet drum lamp

Toile de Jouy to Chinese-style

bedroom set up Asia toile de Jouy wallpaper

A poetry in Brown and orange

bedroom set up Asia drum chandelier

Bamboo as a construction material in furniture is always highly recommended

bedroom set up bamboo double bed

Measured in color and shapes

bedroom set up braided lampshades

Stylish four-poster beds and colourful wall art

bedroom set up four-poster bed Bank black wood

Designer furniture and antique crafts

bedrooms shaggy carpet red pillow

Retro meets Asia

bedroom set up wood wall panel

Masterful wood carvings and Buddha statue

bedroom coral pink Buddha wood carving

Schwellenloser transition to the dining area and the kitchen

bedroom set up partition high pile carpet

Refined bed design made of rattan and solid, antique furniture

bedroom fabric chandelier drum

Bamboo pattern wallpaper and clean lines

bedroom wallpaper tendril pattern

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