BlackBerry In The Garden – A Beautiful Shrub In Its Own Farm Breeding

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BlackBerry garden plants breeding exterior

The care of the BlackBerry

We know blackberries have long from the market.  But growing interest in the cultivation of this plant in the own garden or Conservatory. The good qualities of the BlackBerry are so numerous that you want to have it preferably with page.

Black fruits in the purple Bowl

black fruits garden plants

Collect the fruits in the basket

fruits black red garden breeding exterior ideas

Their properties

The blackberries have much sugar, organic acids, essential oils and colorants. They are also the fruits, which are richest in vitamin C and P. In the dry state they also be used for the preparation of tea, which has many healing properties. A particularly big advantage represents, at the same time grow the fruits. This makes their harvest a lot easier.

Look at the fruits of close

BlackBerry breeding care facts plants

An aesthetic colour contrast between the bowl and the black fruits

black fruit bowl garden plants

The climate

If you want to grow in your yard or garden BlackBerry bushes, it would of course useful to know the climate in which they thrive. This plant is very good in France. More specifically, it grows there in cool, northern regions. Also, it is in the mountainous areas to find plenty. It makes them very suitable for the local climate conditions.

BlackBerry shrub

Busch garden plants exterior

In the winter rest period, the BlackBerry also at temperatures can very well survive up to – 30 degrees. In the flowering stage is also a temperature of – 5 degrees absolutely acceptable for them. What worse keeps this plant, is the heat.

It is especially deadly for the vegetation, when accompanied by a sustained drought

blackberries growing garden plants exterior

Again not very demanding as regards the light, is the plant. However, the opposite can be said about the soil fertility. They developed very well on well drained, thick, humus-rich soils. You should be soured from neutral to light.

Bring color in the garden

wild Bush garden plants

The care of the plant

blackberries care garden plants cut

On fields

If you want to plant a larger area or even a field with such bushes, then would have to follow some basic rules. Between the different rows, you should have a distance between 2 and 2.5 meters. Within these, you should back up to a distance of 1-1.5 metres. This is so important on the basis of their root system. It is widely branched. It is not so deep in the Earth.

Ripening fruits

blackberries care blackberries growing garden

Fruits in black and Red

BlackBerry garden plant care blackberries

Each year, several new branches grow out. The fruits with the best quality to evolve from these, which are between 1 and 3 years old. Up to 800 kg fruit could be won by one hectare. Flowering takes place very early. Still, freezing the plant occurs very rarely.

Bonsai tree

bonsai plant Botanical Garden

Beautiful decorations for the garden

garden figures BlackBerry Bush decoration

Breed BlackBerry bushes in the yard

BlackBerry garden plants exterior ideas

Big Bush with red and black fruit

BlackBerry Bush exterior garden design ideas

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