Blue Colored Hydrangea? How Does It Work?

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Hydrangeas are beautiful garden shrubs, which like to grow in half shade. From June to the end of September, they bloom in different colors and shades, from white to pink and violet to purple. These magnificent garden flowers have a high decorative value. Their colorful spherical flowers fall instantly and turn into the garden, on terrace or balcony in real eye-catchers. Very particularly calming effect on our senses have just been colored hydrangeas in blue. They are truly stunning and leave your outdoor area alluring. Also as cut flowers, blue hydrangeas make a beautiful figure and pep up the interior. In the following we will reveal the secrets of the blue hydrangeas. If you want to enjoy the special charm of these garden flowers, read on and learn something new and interesting!

The color of this garden beauty is determined by the soil in which they grow

Hortensia in the blumentopf beautify the outside area

The pH value of the soil determines the flower color of the hydrangea

It is known to all flower lovers that the flower color of the hydrangeas Depends on the pH of the soil. By changing the pH value, you can get those in blue and vice versa according to pink hydrangea flowers. Is that mystical or unbelievable?

However, it is quite possible to change the color of these garden flowers. This is a purely chemical process, which is based on the corresponding knowledge about the pH value of the soil. As is known, the pH value determines whether the soil is acidic or has an alkaline character. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14; 7 is neutral. The pH values ​​below 7 characterize an acidic soil and these over 7 determine its alkaline character.

If you like blue hydrangeas, you should adjust the pH of the soil

Blue hydrangeas give the outside a nice look

How to change the pH of the soil?

The hydrangeas thrive perfectly in humid soil with a pH between 5 and 6, which means they prefer an acid soil. Through special fertilizer you can change the pH value of the soil soil and so also the color of the flowers. Blue hydrangeas like a soil with a very acidic character, that is, with pH below 5. A value of 4 and lower would be very good and he will color the pink flowers blue. We recommend to use rhododendron and azalea fertilizer. Decide on a long-term fertilizer. In the period between the spring and the end of July it is necessary to fertilize the hydrangeas once every two weeks. For the container horticulture, take a liquid fertilizer and follow the instructions on the package. To create a lasting blue effect, take those soil additives that lower the pH of the soil. More about fertilizing the blue beauties can be found in the following video:

Our tip : Do not forget, all varieties of these gorgeous garden flowers have a high water requirement, so you need to pour water daily.

Give your outdoor area a new look

Hortensia as an eye-catcher in the outside

Here it must be said immediately, there are typical hydrangea varieties blue colored. These include Baby Blue, Blue Danube, Bela, Blaumeise, Early Blue and others. But you can choose the blue hue of your horticultural crops and choose the shade that best suits you. Blue hydrangeas must be cultivated in acidic soil (pH 5.5 and lower). Pink hydrangeas need a neutral to slightly alkaline soil (pH 6.5 and higher). For purple flowers (or a mixture of blue and pink flowers on the same plant), the pH of the soil must be 5.5 to 6.5. Due to the appropriate pH you can transform your garden into a colorful flower sea. We wish you a lot of fun and a great success!

How do you like blue colored hydrangeas?

Garden plants build hortensie in vase decorated the interior

Bring more color into your garden and enjoy every sight!

Hortensia in blue make a beautiful impression

Do you want to be surrounded by beautiful colorful garden flowers?

Gardening blue hydrangea and white daisies

Then put on blue colored hydrangeas!

Garden plants blue and light pink hydrangea

Blue soothes mind and soul

Hydrangeas in blue shrubs embellish the exterior

Gorgeous summer flowers – blue hydrangeas

Hydrangeas fresh gardenides with garden flowers

The coloring can be determined by yourself

Gardening blue hortensia in the garden
Hydrangeas in light blue tangle the view in the garden in the summer
Hortensia different species in bluunuancen
Hortensia in bluunuancen as beautiful garden plants

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