Bonsai Tree Care – Make For A Beautiful Plant

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bonsai tree care Fikus plant

Bonsai tree care – tips on how to take care of the bonsai

In principle, there are no easy-care bonsai tree, many would say. Yes, it was true until recently. Things have changed since the care type Keshiki bonsai was developed. This was developed by the revolutionary developer Kenji Koyahashi. His book is now almost everywhere in the world about Amazon to acquire.

The bonsai tree is a wonderful decoration for the home

bonsai tree beautiful flowers plants

Bonsai with beautiful red leaves

bonsai tree care indoor plants decoration ideas

The concept is based on the invention that any Bonsai tree is individual. So he must be treated accordingly. The plant containers must fit in here just by size, shape and material.

Stylish container in which the bonsai can freely develop

bonsai tree white of container matching Earth

Looking after the right vessels, Kenji Koyahashi found out that super many items including soup bowl for this purpose can be used new.

Intentionally or not, it made for a nice color contrast

bonsai tree ideas DIY cherry blue vessel

Out of everything you can make bonsai

A different message of Kenji Koyahashis lesson is that you should give free rein to your imagination. Can be made a bonsai tree practically all bushes.

A really tiny bonsai fascinates with its uniqueness

bonsai tree DIY tiny creative be

Decorate the home with a beautiful bonsai

bonsai tree care beautiful purple flowers

This bonsai looks interesting, Yes?

bonsai tree care plants decoration home

The container must look noble

Even if it is made from an everyday object, the container should show a practical character. This rule must always be kept according to Kenji Koyahashi no matter what for a setting actually is.

The right bonsai tree care ensures the plant a longer life

An example…

We now describe in detail how you can create a particular bonsai tree container after Kenji Koyahashis rules.


Here are the materials you need for the realisation of the bonsai tree concept by Kenji Koyahashi:

Safety glasses;
Diamond disc;
Screen filter;
Bonsai scissors;
Bonsai wire;
A piece of volcanic rock;
Suitable potting soil;
Pot and plant your choice.

Use your imagination

Start with a bonsai, which already looks like a small shrub or tiny grassy knoll. Thinking the positioning of it.

Are you beginners in the art, as you can properly care for bonsai?

bonsai tree DIY ideas container

Bonsai with fruits

bonsai tree care fruits of matching container

Creative idea for a bonsai

bonsai tree care creative ideas decorating plants

Love the plant you are looking for from the shadow, the shade or the Sun? There are the appropriate conditions for their growth in the place where you place them? If necessary, find good combinations. If you have selected a suitable sunny spot for a bonsai tree shade-loving, there is a solution: you are looking for company. Types of other low growing, such as Moss, can be used in the same pot.

Improve the Earth

There are great varieties for bonsai soil. But most of the time something, you can improve them. Precisely for this reason we have included the volcanic rock on the list. Mix in a bit of it.

The proper soil is of great importance

bonsai tree care beautiful decorating


Remove the bonsai plant from the container. Pour carefully and remove the Earth. After you have cleaned the most, just rinse the roots. In your own plant container, put the bonsai tree.


If you want to use MOSS to the bonsai tree, flip around the Center and install it.

The care

The care is actually the most pleasant part of growing the bonsai tree. Follow the usual instructions.

Take care of your bonsai

bonsai tree ideas DIY of fitting container care

If you described here, you would be three to five bonsai plants ready within an hour with the insertion. We wish you much fun!

Make a small forest

bonsai tree care bonsai DIY ideas

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