Brushing Your Teeth Correctly: Some Useful Tips

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cleaning medical mouth and dental care tooth tips properly

So you can brush your teeth properly

Tooth surfaces and dental stone lead in the long run to that form dental caries and other annoying problems. But is a good or bad news? In our opinion this depends very much of the view. Yes, on the one hand, that’s not so great. But unlike seen, if one knows the risk, there’s an easy way to avoid this. All you have to do is to brush your teeth properly.

Medical oral and dental care

teeth properly clean medical dental care tips healthy teeth

Brush evenly from all sides

You must brush your teeth from all sides and evenly. Also the toothbrush has a great importance. Most people use a medium hard tooth brush and brush your teeth only by the visible outside. Actually, collect the tooth coverings especially on the back but. You have to press it not very smooth and not very hard, but medium strength.

Dental care from all sides

cleaning medical mouth and dental care teeth properly

There are many people who think that plaque is avoided by the too tight press. But actually, the opposite is happening. Their tooth enamel, you can damage the teeth and concrete. This brings a number of negative consequences.

The importance of the toothbrush

brushing your teeth properly the right toothbrush

You may also accentuate either the rear or front teeth. All are equally important.

Tips on how to brush your teeth

teeth properly cleaning toothpaste toothbrush

The many different ways you can brush your teeth properly

Here comes more good news: you can brush your teeth on many different ways. We will consider some of these where you can prove the benefit of ideal. Then, you can find your individual perfect way to brush your teeth.

Healthy teeth

brushing your teeth correctly oral and dental care

The toothbrush should be at 45 degrees to the gums

teeth properly brushing tips medical dental care

In the first variant, the toothbrush at 45 degrees to the gums should be. The movements are easy and remember scrubbing. But as I said: you may be not too tight. It wants to remove thus so many surfaces as possible.

By gently brush your teeth…

teeth properly brushing dental care tips

The second method, it also has a 45 degree turn. But this time she is not aligned the gums against, but the crowns. This method is especially suitable for people with reduction of the gums and with plenty of space between the teeth.

then use dental floss …und

teeth properly brushing FLOSS use

The third method, which we want to propose, according to the rotation principle. The movements are the same as those you would make coloring of circles. Pretty easily, the tooth coverings are removed in this case.

Do not forget also the mouthwash!

cleaning medical mouth and tooth care mouth rinse teeth properly

Combination of all methods

If you want to brush your teeth properly, you could use a combination of all of these methods. In addition, you should combine horizontal, vertical and circular movements. With the special wire, you should clean your teeth as well. Alternatively, you can set to interdental toothbrushes. Special mouthwash is also an alternative that you may not discard. Consult the most regularly by your dentist about it!

Visit your dentist regularly

brushing your teeth properly medical dental care regularly

Arm yourself for a proper dental care

teeth properly brushing dental floss dental care

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