Build In Time For Easter And Create A Unique Decoration!

Creative ideas for a colorful and charming Easter

Easter is already upon us — at this Festival are big and small on the search for the hidden in the garden and brightly colored by the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs, enjoying unforgettable moments at the richly decorated Easter table and eat the delicious home-made pastries with comfort. The crafts of Easter decoration makes fun, and this unique experience especially if is collecting different generations together share. It is considered an incomparable experience that from memory just not delete can be especially for the children. This loving and precious memories are return to for many years to the already last carefree days of childhood of the little ones.

The handicraft of decoration and painting of Easter eggs are a real treat for the kids

Easter crafts children

In addition, gives homemade decorating your home a personal touch and turns it into a fabulous colorful retreat! We present two original and creative ideas, which will contribute to the warm and festive atmosphere in your home and care for the good mood of the whole family!

Easter crafts – create a garden in an eggshell

Choose eggs with tough, thick and best Brown Shell – the white egg shells are thinner, beyond their potential contamination with potting soil catches your eye more. Normally this original and unusual Easter decoration is much easier from hard boiled eggs produce, you could work with great caution however as well with raw eggs.

Peel off carefully only the upper part of the eggshell and dig out the inside with a spoon without damage to the lower part of the shell. If you access to raw eggs, use a needle to make a medium-sized hole in the eggshell and then blow out the egg. Thoroughly wash the already empty bowls with water and then fill them with Bluemenerde. Plant only small seeds and pour them immediately with water. The seeds should be sown evenly in the shell – Arugula or Basil would be two possible variants. Sprout in about three days, achieve the necessary height but only after 7 to 10 days!

Tinker the decorative flowerpots in time before Easter, to create a stunning effect and to put everyone around you around in amazement!

Easter craft – just pierce the eggshell and blow out the inside

blow out preparation mini garden

The hole must be neither too big nor too small!

Fill the tray with potting soil and plant the seed

potting Easter craft flower pot

Enjoy your new mini-organic garden!

herbs garden homemade

Easter craft – after you can use this vibrant decoration Festival

DIY Easter eggs sound garden

For a stunning effect can you decorative flowers einplanzen

Easter crafts decode self make

sound Easter crafts

mini garden

The Easter wreath yourself tinker

To make a stylish Easter wreath, you need a few plastic eggs or plastic balls, cotton yarn, in bright colors, glue and a circular wreath blank. There are blanks made of straw, but also out of styrofoam, or you can make even a blank cardboard or plastic itself.

Carefully apply the glue on the plastic eggs and wind the yarn around the corresponding egg immediately afterwards, so that the thread can fasten itself. Roll simply further the yarn until finally a loose coiled ball. Then, paste the already-made bullets to the blank disc. Develop your whole creativity and artistic potential and free your imagination and creativity simply by adding various colorful ribbon, small decorative chicken or flowers!

Easter craft – you can make easily and effortlessly myself the wreath blank

wreath blank themselves do

The necessary decorative fabrics can quickly obtain

materlialien fabric tinker

Easy step by step follow our instructions and ultimately enjoy a spectacular result.

eggs DIY wreath

Are equal to the Easter wreath on the door and draw all eyes on your masterpiece!

Easter crafts decode

make it yourself Easter wreath

Their creativity can find expression in the Bastelnprozess!

Implement innovative ideas and achieve dazzling results!

Easter DIY wreath

There are many examples of how you can make the Easter wreath and decorate.

Plastic eggs, artificial grass and feathers can be perfectly combined!

Easter wreath

Easter craft – a very interesting idea:

Richly decorated Easter wreath in the form of a Hare

Easter wreath craft

The Easter wreath is not only a symbol of the coming Holy Feast, but he is also for the beginning of the spring and the rebirth of nature

decode Easter wreath ideas

Ever more colorful, the better!

Easter wreath ideas

Easter craft – the best results are obtained with skill and passion quickly

Easter wreath ideas tinker

Easter wreath creative original

tuerdeko Easter wreath

The following are some clever ideas for how you can masterfully decorate your home for Easter!

decode good mood

Easter Bunny

creative ideas

Easter of decode ideasEaster creativity

original ideas

Easter craft set

Easter craft trends

Easter tree

colourful Easter tree

decode Easter

Easter itself make

Easter smug