Buy Bonsai Tree And Properly Maintain – Some Tips

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Trees grow bonsai and maintain

Bonsai trees are cultivated for more than a thousand years. To move the garden art, miniature trees and shrubs in small vessels and maintain, originated in China and was known in the past under the name of Penjing. However, the bonsai tree that we know today, is the Japanese variant of this Chinese art form, which literally translated means “Landscape in the shell”. The Japanese word “Bonsai” is also same meaning – “Bon” stands for shell and “Sai”–plant. So, bonsai is the art to draw a plant or a tree in a small bowl and aesthetic forms by regular cutting.

Today, the art of bonsai in Europe is very popular and trees, bonsai are often regarded as a beautiful decorative house plants. For this reason, we want to create more clarity about how to pull a bonsai tree and really cares.

Bonsai tree – let yourself be fascinated by the Oriental garden art!

cherry bonsai care bonsai species garden ideas

First, we would emphasise that a bonsai requires tree of your patience and dedication. The end result is worth but absolutely every effort. A bonsai tree creates a relaxing atmosphere and adds a far eastern touch to the Interior. The small sapling cleans the air and can give even with fruits, if you have some patience…

Patience brings roses, or in this case a beautiful flowering bonsai tree

Sakura bonsai buy beautiful bonsai species

You can of course just buy a bonsai or an even draw, by taking a cutting. In both cases, you need but some knowledge about how you properly maintain the bonsai.

Irrigation, fertilization, lighting, pruning and repotting are the most important factors that you should consider.

Bonsai care – watering

Can never completely dry out the soil in the shell. Pour your bonsai tree, regularly but make sure that you pour over it no way, because this will cause root rot.

Properly maintain bonsai

Sakura bonsai care beautiful bonsai species decorative houseplants

Bonsai care – fertilizing

Because bonsai trees in small bowls are planted, is regular fertilizing of great importance. The fertilizer may be especially suitable for bonsai plants. You can use also a popular fertilizer – mineral or organic, liquid or fixed. The kind of fertilizer plays no significant role. Adhere to the rules of use and make sure that the winter is a dormant period for the bonsai (as well as for most of the plants). The bonsai of less water and fertilizer needs at this time.

All multi-annual and haired plants are suited to bonsai

Tamarack bonsai tree buy and maintain bonsai types fall leaves

Repot bonsai care-

A bonsai tree should be repotted every two years. This of course depends of the type and the size of the tree.

The tray must match well the tree

Maple bonsai tree buy bonsai species

Bonsai trees such as pine are planted in rectangular trays and round and oval bowls are better suited for flowering and delicately built bonsai. The shell should be not too colorful and decorated and draw attention to himself, but form a whole with the bonsai tree.

The bonsai form plays an important role in Asian culture

Maple bonsai care bonsai species garden ideas

Your bonsai is tree big enough grew, then you can also cut him and bring in the form. It belongs to the art to grow a bonsai tree.

Learn valuable information about the Oriental bonsai art of the video including…

Trees properly maintain bonsai

Bonsai trees are a chic room decoration

buy bonsai tree and properly maintain bonsai types

Arrange a small bonsai

bonsai care bonsai cut Feng Shui houseplants

Trees you find including chili tree and other inspiring bonsai…

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