By Retro Wallpapers More Livability Is Reached

Editor   May 26, 2015   Comments Off on By Retro Wallpapers More Livability Is Reached

retro wallpaper pattern 70s

Make your wall with retro wallpapers

Today we want to assist times again those of you, who have planned a redesign in the own House. If you like the retro style, it comes for the wall decoration in your question, then we have some great ideas for you ready!

Aktenzwand with retro photo wallpaper, but not from the 70-ies

We all know that an accent wall can be created great by wall-paper. However, if you have preferences for a style as retro, then can man it is more.

Right at this point, however, we want to clarify that ours is not the first models appeared in the 70-ies. Now let’s all face it: They were not the best thing there. Rather we would like to point out, that you can integrate some popular retro elements by wallpaper in the House.

Retro flair and designer furniture

retro wallpaper designer furniture graphic print

Bold and creative

You can introduce the retro patterns, but at the same time courageous and creative. So these models be sign up also very good in a modern, minimalist atmosphere. What might this pattern? Look at the simple wall-paper from earlier decades! Rummaging through the known graphics and artwork. You can find a wealth of patterns and images. You can now transfer this but with the help of digital technologies on a wall tapestry. For the accent wall, you can create such a work in an advertising agency. The project may be a bit pricey. But in the end don’t forget also, you think about your own enjoyment, you will feel it for a longer period of time.

Filigree flowers

retro wallpaper colorful flowers motifs vintage

Topic – history

To have retro wallpaper, it can also mean that you access themes, that were once current. Think of age when it was so fascinated by the entering of the Moon by man. Treat yourself through this topic wonderful nights! But not such a bad idea, isn’t it?

Finely drawn leaves

retro wallpaper sheets drawn

Stylish mid-century atmosphere

retro wallpaper flowers pattern Brown

Geometric patterns for more dynamic

retro wallpaper colorful pattern geometric

Grey nuances and delicate flowers

retro wallpaper floral pattern grey shades

Large floral prints and pastels

retro wallpaper large colorful flowers

How to sleep in space

retro wallpaper Moon bedroom modern furniture

Masculine connotation in the living room

retro wallpaper pattern Brown flowers masculine

Designer icon and discreet retro pattern

retro wallpaper pattern geometric Eames Lounge Chair

Delicate hues and delicate flower pattern

retro wallpaper pattern Grau Hell Floral

Classic black and grey

retro wallpaper pattern masculine Grau Schwarz

Curved lines and modern interior design

retro oval geometric graphic patterns wallpaper

Retro ambience with mystical Zen mood

retro wallpaper round pattern Asian Chinese

Toile de Jouy Asian

retro wallpapers vintage flowers blue pattern

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