Carnival By 2015 In Cologne – Enjoy Some Unforgettable Days

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Carnival 2015 in Cologne fools clown

Carnival in Cologne – 2015 why actually not?

Carnival by 2015 in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Mainz. After many years, it is still not too much for many people… Deliberately we have chosen as this, so that you can see, the tradition is kept in large as well as in smaller towns.

Do you actually know how foreigners who come for a short trip to Germany, see the Carnival? They like it, even though it is so different from all the possible exotic traditions. The enthusiasm is so great.

Because this period as an own time which has nothing in common with the normal calendar is no matter whether you celebrate Carnival by 2015 in Cologne, or in a different location. For many Germans is Carnival as a fifth season. The enthusiasm is also foreigners.

Why should you decide by 2015 on Carnival in Cologne?

2015 in Cologne Carnival clowns costumes

If you are wondering whether it is worth by 2015 to celebrate the Carnival in Cologne again then we have a point of view “from outside”, which again could convince you. Because the experience is simply unique!

The impressions, through which we will write are collected mainly from foreign forums. They show how people outside see the Carnival.

2015 in Cologne – once again something special Carnival

2015 in Cologne Carnival characters funny

Why are there people who want to miss a single day of Cologne Carnival again after decades of actually? Because you know that as every year before Carnival 2015 offer something special in Cologne. If that is so, then is nothing according to the ordinary rules. In addition, this State is different every time. You feel so time and again different. If one has experienced it once, then one becomes addicted easily afterwards.

Joy of life par excellence

2015 in Cologne Carnival clowns ladies

Once a year, is celebrated in Germany, as if there was no other way to do this. So you feel the Carnival in Cologne as an outsider.  The festivals that flirting, the music, the costumes – all this has been created without great consideration on restrictions. Every thing is a lot of passion and zest for life.

Also, we dare to say that the celebrations every year will be even better. Carnival is better than spending before 2015 in Cologne. In part, this is also because being tolerant to different genres and styles. It has bars that play nothing but the corresponding music. There are others – they offer alternatives. There are even mixed offers.

Carnival in Cologne – 2015 international as 2014

2015 in Cologne Carnival dancers

The Cologne Carnival is a world tradition, and who will buy it, gets to feel it in Cologne. In addition to all the traditional celebrations, there are also many different alternatives in Cologne. In bars, you can celebrate also Brazil carnival Samba. Eventually, blends the whole thing and is what every year later brings the mood for a great mix.

So 2015 celebrate Carnival in Cologne! If so, maybe we see you there somewhere…

Shrove Monday train – the town guard

Carnival 2015 in Cologne City Guard carriage

Stage appearance and good mood

2015 Cologne Carnival stage City Guard

A funny clique with Schlumpfen

Carnival 2015 Cologne brightly clothed

Fat Thursday costumes

2015 Cologne Carnival Mardi woman costumes

Colorful clowns

2015 Cologne Carnival clowns young

Monday in Cologne – incomparable experience

2015 Cologne carnival clown drum

Three funny Donald Duck Firuren

2015 Cologne Carnival Donald Duck

A photo of Cologne Cathedral

2015 Cologne celebrate Carnival costumes

Hungry giraffes

2015 in Cologne Carnival

Five smiling snow Queen

Carnival 2015 Cologne Cologne Cathedral

Creepy creatures

2015 Cologne Carnival costumes

Amateurs clowns

2015 Cologne Carnival costumes fool

Alien in Cologne

2015 Cologne Carnival alien

Dance and celebrate until the doctor comes

2015 Cologne Carnival clowns

Viva Colonia

Carnival 2015 in Cologne fools stained

Asian clowns in Cologne

Carnival 2015 in Cologne fools clowns

Can not hear the music

Carnival 2015 in Cologne Orchestra

Candy and roses

Carnival 2015 in Cologne Monday train

A dream ship

Carnival 2015 in Cologne ship

Four pigs before the DOM

Carnival 2015 in Cologne pigs costumes

The city guard on the streamer in blue and white

Carnival 2015 in Cologne City Guard blue white

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