Chakra Meaning: Is The Key For Our Health?

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chakra meaning and the seven chakras

Chakra for beginners: meaning and healing with herbs

Are you a novice on the subject of chakra? Today, we have then something interesting for you! Learn more about chakra meaning and also how you can cure with chakras. According to the esoteric it depends mainly balance of the chakras, whether we are healthy or not?

Chakra meaning

chakra meaning where being is the Chackren

What are the chakras and how do they look?

chakra meaning the seven chakras mandala

Chakra meaning

We try to explain the importance of the chakra now easy and understandable: it comes to filters, which serve as a connection between the organism and the surrounding world. According to the esoteric, attempting to make the conscious connection to these, can contribute strongly to own well-being. This can be understood in very different ways. Yoga, meditation, many other spiritual practices are right for it. But there are also a number of physical methods which could be used to do this. The most famous are the massages. But not only. Virtually everything in nature that can support us, when we are open for its beneficial effects.

Meet the seven chakras

chakra meaning symbols Mettafor

Seven is the number of the chakra points. Today we will explain you the responsibility of each individual and say, through which herbs they can be influenced in each positive.

The invisible energy of the chakras

chakra meaning the seven chakras

Muladhara chakra – meaning and healing

Muladhara chakra is the basis of the whole system. It is located in the center of the vortex of acid. They say this would be the material realization of consciousness. The root of dandelion can help a lot to improve its functioning. You can easily overcome this suffering and the despair and concentrate better on the finding of the own way.

Muladhara Chakraist in red

chakra meaning the seven chakras Muladhara chakra

Swadhisthana chakra – meaning and healing

We have to do this with the so-called sacred chakra. Its main element is the water. The marigolds are the ones who have the strongest impact on this. Thanks to this, this chakra works better. In practice, this means that we feel more zest for life and spiritual development. You feel also improvement of own creativity.  Relations between the partners can also greatly improve. In addition, you will promote your own ability to distinguish deception from truth.

Swadhisthana Chakra in Orange

chakra meaning the seven chakras Swadhisthana chakra

Manipura chakra

Real Marshmallow to help for the better functioning of the Manipura chakra. Will, wisdom, personal power are determined by these first and foremost. As a final destination would cope with the feelings about life, and better control. The right decisions which can be taken from a gut feeling, very strongly associated with the Manipura chakra. Every time, when you feel a “knot in the stomach”, real Marshmallow might be very helpful.

Manipura Chakra is in yellow

chakra meaning the seven chakras Manipura chakra

Anahata chakra

To install the anahata chakra with the beneficial effects of the Hawthorn in combination. Main element represents the air. This chakra is located right in the middle of the own chest. When he open and balanced, this promotes the functions of the heart, circulatory system, thymus glands, lungs and breathing in General.

Anahata chakra is shown in green

chakra meaning the seven chakras anahata chakra

In addition to the physical improvements that you would feel due to the ingestion of hawthorn, you can improve even your relationships with the people in your environment around.  To develop a more positive attitude towards other people.

Visuddha chakra

The Chakra beginners should especially note following main meaning: openness, skills, honesty and better handling. This is located in the neck area. At the physical level, thyroid, metabolism, ear, neck, and the other main organs drum around are controlled. Red clover is a great means for the symptoms exactly and for the improved functioning of the chakra.

The blue chakra of Visuddha

chakra meaning the seven chakras Visuddha chakra

Ajna chakra

Chakra beginners should remember that here above all the psychic power in the sense of telepathy there is. Logical strength and clairvoyance related also alike. It is important to know that sometimes the good functioning of this chakra can lead to mood problems and depression. The reason is that we may be confused by the ability to understand everything and to see. We could feel still not understood, because we see things, which remain hidden for other people. Eyebright is the herb, which could help for the better functioning of the Ajna chakra, as well as to compensate for the consequences thereof.

Ajna Chakra in indigo blue

chakra meaning the seven chakras Ajna chakra

Sahasrara chakra

It is also said that the chakras are crowned by Sahasrara. This is symbolized by the highest State of existence. Its element is the space. Its colors are purple and white. The upper part of the brain and the central nervous system are promoted through the Sahasrara chakra.

These herbs are very well known for meditation and rise above the commonplace. Especially Lavender would be very helpful in this regard.

And the Sahasrara chakra is in Pupur

chakra meaning the seven chakras Sahasrara chakra

If one knows the importance of chakra and understands, then you can do again and again, to develop his skills. In terms of healing with herbs, one should promote the flavor in all the familiar ways. Take tea, essential oils for drinking and inhaling into consideration. Consult the best also with an expert.

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