Chic Deco Ideas Covers Living Room – Bring Inspiration Into Your Living Space By Stern Representations

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chic Deco ideas Fürs living room chair drapes blue

Make a work of art by Van Gogh Bild from your living room

A design based on the Van Gogh can perform miracles in a formal room. An example is the subject of today’s presentation. This is one of the most popular pieces, and these are shown in a beautiful maßangerfetigten.

Already a Grand there in the same room piano and this is also integrated into the design. You want to get the formality in the area and for the guests make it always still comfortable and inviting.

Starry night by Van Gogh – imprint – chic decorating ideas for living room

chic Deco ideas Fürs living room pictures painting art

This is the central object in the room to turn the remaining items. It fell in the deep, rich colors. It may come some people a bit exaggerated. But the effect of this image is certainly not as intrusive as this wall poster in the bedroom. In a classic frame, it seems excellent even in the most traditional environments.

Chloe sofa

chic Deco ideas Fürs living room sofa comfortable traditionally

So a sofa would fit in this room. This variant you can find relatively inexpensive and yet the design remains super. It fits well with the Van Gogh Bild by the light color. This corresponds beautifully with the dark shades of representation and with the other accessories.

Decorative pillows with dark blue shades

chic Deco ideas Fürs living room cushion pattern white blue

You can warm up the atmosphere in the room by adding some textiles anymore. These can add strips of typical for the van Gogh starry night shades as in this specific case.

Two-stage coffee table

chic Deco ideas Fürs living room table oval plate

In our example it is the decoration of a room with round Windows. That’s why you can integrate wonderfully so a round table on two levels. So repeated a theme in more and more subtle forms.

The Golden plate base gives the room a more upscale appearance and the white space to accommodate the installation of decorative accessories.

Another variation for coffee table

chic Deco ideas Fürs living metallic forms tabletop

Here, you can see another round table, which perfectly fits to the design. There, the oval shape in the small circles will be expanded.  The whole creates a connection to the theme of sky and Cosmos. There is this sense also when van Gogh starry night.

Arteriors Zena oval cocktail table made of iron/glass / mirrors

chic Deco ideas Fürs living candlesticks modern

Do you want more stars in your van Gogh room? The whirlwind of such forms can be wonderfully used left. The matte finish is especially suitable for people who like the weathered look.

Erin blue geometric decorative pillow

chic Deco ideas Fürs living room cushion pattern

Want to avoid excessive storage with objects and feeling cramped in the room also just like I? Then, you can combine different patterns and thus give the room a boyish look.

The combination of dark blue and white provides the feeling of continuity.

A few wonderful pillow yellow

chic Deco ideas Fürs living room yellow velvet

There should be no shortage of shades which correspond with the light of the stars from the image. Yellow pillow under blue and white, would be a wonderful combination.

I can imagine such noble pleated drapes as shown in the example here in another room. So a sight can restore within the harmony in a few minutes.

Just to the displayed oval wall, they are the perfect choice.

Still a wonderful Chair

chic Deco ideas Fürs living room chair white cuddly

Is this comfortable chair not a beauty? He gives the whole room elegance. Note the fine blend of traditional and modern? They are perfect for a formal living room. While you can do it very discreetly.

A pillow with “Star night texture”

chic Deco ideas Fürs living pattern colorful pillow

If you want to record the subject in even a detail, you can represent the footprint of the famous image in a form. The figure is a pillow with the starry sky. Would it find a place somewhere in your room?

A table with star-shaped base

chic Deco ideas Fürs living room wood table small star base

Also, this is a piece of furniture that will serve wonderfully to the inclusion of the theme of Van Gogh. The theme is sky lights in the subtle star explosion pattern on the surface of and recorded a brilliant shade.

Carpet in dark blue

chic Deco ideas Fürs living room carpet Blau Weiß model

They can do a better pattern and more suitable shades for the Van Gogh imagine space? The wooden furniture are are strongly against the background of these colors.

Everyone should have an elegant tea in the living room, don’t you find?

chic Deco ideas Fürs living room Bar rolling mobile

I would choose exactly one such old fashioned piece for the Van Gogh Zimmer and fill this with various alcoholic beverages and glasses. I would opt for a car with such slender and thin lines. So, he will be too dominant in the area. You could choose a practical version with handles to be able to slide the car around the room.

The lighting – so an ornate room will certainly be without beautiful lighting not completed

chic Deco ideas Fürs living room chandelier solid

In this case, it has decided for a lamp mounted close to the ceiling. The atmosphere is determined uniquely by their lights. Due to its size it can establish a focus. You would have to invest much time for selecting a correct light. Closely on the ceiling can be found hard in a matching size this type applied lighting. If you can find the right piece, and you can afford this, the selection will be worth then a long time, even though it should cost a little more.

Real green, true blue and true yellow – Special Edition

chic Deco ideas Fürs living room modern artwork

You can choose not so striking contemporary works for the remaining walls. Thanks to this, the print of Van Gogh’s should come more to the fore. The works selected for these walls called “Real green”, “True blue” and “Yellow” real”. You can clearly see also the spiritual connection between these and the van Gogh’s oeuvre.

Book with Van Gogh’s pictures

chic Deco ideas Fürs living room Bar book illustration

You can complete the design through a book on a table. It emphasizes the main theme still and can serve as entertainment for the guests.

Do you like also Van Gogh? Who is your favorite artist? Would you devote to this design of an entire room?

Elegant Royal blue curtains chic Deco ideas Fürs living room chair drapes blue

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