Chic Modern Wood Kitchen Designs – Be Inspired!

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send modern wooden kitchens designs device L shaped installedChic kitchen designs modern wood

Why are you interested in this kitchen? Looking for some inspiration? Or search for instructions, as you create the kitchen of your dreams? Looking for that certain something, what you can reinterpret, customize, and enjoy in your home at the end of a new element in your kitchen?

Maybe you will come on new ideas, if you can find out more by chopping wood and also their color palettes and manifold.

The wood can be used easily as lining on the walls in modern kitchens

send modern wooden kitchens designs modular countertop

A kitchen, full wood was running, with the exceptions of elements from other materials here and there, shows the desire of the owners for comfort and beauty. The kitchen, which is shown below, is a fascinating kitchen that opens to a garden. It’s among Luis Velasco Roldan’s portfolio. The latter is a pure inspiration for the use of wood.

“Wooden heart” your kitchen

send modern wooden kitchens designs rustic furniture

This kitchen from wood can be called safely so. It is a heart that is full of life and proposes, if the whole family is hungry and which has collected there. It collects the popular people in order to promote the creation of unique shared memories.

Are these moments that appeared insignificant, but are in fact truly unforgettable: one seeks the shells, while another access to the towels. At the last moment comes mind, that he was responsible to break the ice, but it is not, because all laugh first at the old jokes, while waiting for the food. If all this happens, you know that a happy family around the table has collected. The food comes and for a few minutes only movement and lights see ringing noise and sudden outbursts of laughter. All of this is absorbed by the wood material and they seem to stay tied up in the material itself.

L shaped kitchen with wooden facilities

send modern wooden kitchens designs set up shelves furniture

That’s how memories are formed. The Chair reminds you of the uncle, the kitchen area at the numerous quick breakfasts before school and the wood frame of your door shows the history of your physical growth. That’s it, the materials around us our advantages and visual memories dominate.

Massive wood equipment in the kitchen – ceiling lighting

send modern wooden kitchens designs ceiling lighting indirectly

The wood materials and their modern interpretations provide a connection between the ancient memories and the confidence that new beautiful moments in the future will still be made. This rustic, environmentally friendly chalet, which is above to see, is a part of the development of the residence in Aspen, Colorado. It is a work of Designunternehmens Oppenheim architecture + design. You have to do, which has stone floors, wooden clothes from recycled wood materials and work surface made of stainless steel with a contemporary cooking space. On the two surfaces of glass, you can see mountain and forest landscape. Thus, the House both in terms of its location, as well as its materials represents a strong connection to nature!

The kitchen wooden below helps you feel like a part of the snow scene. The use of wood is the reason why the Interior is open and creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in spite of the “cold” stainless steel of kitchen furniture.

Bright attractive kitchen design from wood

send modern wooden kitchens designs bright ambience

The wood has been always been a material, was of great importance. But by you has transforming it into a means with which to make money, you did it it difficult, often to be able to use it. Learn to enjoy every piece of found, because every detail that can be found has its own history. It is none other than our own history.

Space versus compact solutions, luxurious execution detailed minimalist kitchens vs.

send modern wooden kitchens designs stove sink

Practical, functional and everything else, the inviting kitchen designs are available almost in all imaginable shapes and sizes. Compact kitchen opening to the exterior to kitchens equipped with Maß anger finished furniture, to perfectly, you can run all in wood. While the wood gives the room a warmth that can rarely be broadcast by any other material.

Kitchen facilities in the Asian style

send modern wooden kitchens designs Asian facilities kitchen

In the portfolio of Sam’s Creek by Bates Masi architects have we found a suitable example of cooking space. It’s a high and majestic kitchen will be filled with natural light thanks to the large Windows. The textiles and color outline a unique geometry. You create a comprehensive design that is well integrated in the wooden architecture.

Residences in California, how about by the architect Jendretzki designed dream home below, bears witness not only wonderful details, but also a creative method by the man divides the room into different areas.  Through the clever designed sliding door to get in the kitchen, which was executed completely in wood. The bathroom, which extends over the length of the kitchen is behind it.

Wood panels in the kitchen

send modern wooden kitchens designs plates wall diner

There is something particularly inviting in the kitchen from wood. Even if one inserts black details, the natural feeling lingers there.

In the list below kitchen by Studio Fanetti, which provides “smart light” for a balanced atmosphere. The yellow fairy wood, which was used in the modern interior design, seems to be have been cut out of a single block. It gives you a consistent feel throughout the room.

Black dramatic walls in the kitchen

send modern wood kitchen designs black kitchen rear panel

Green striking kitchen furniture

send modern wooden kitchens designs wall shelving kitchen cabinet

Would you convert the kitchen space into a real pleasure and adapt it to the modern life style? The vibrant colors are a method by which one gives a restless and energetic atmosphere of wooden kitchen. Colors and wood are a wonderful combination, if you can get a dynamic, playful atmosphere.

In this example, the kitchen is the “heart” of an Italian Villa. Here, cooking, food, and entertainment in a single room were brought together. In such cases, creating a warm atmosphere is especially important. The brushed and waxed pine wood not only ensures a more entertaining, warm and inviting mood, but is also a reference to the breathtaking scenery of the Dolomites, in which it is located.

Macdonald Associates architects have surpassed House themselves in the design of this Indian, which is pictured below.

By minimalism you can also beautifully stressed the properties of wood

send modern wooden kitchens designs countertop Island

Her peculiar process was to adorn the wooden house with objects of various kinds, which are also made of wood. That brought the great transformation ability of this noble material here perfectly flaunting. The trees in the Interior add a vibrant, natural touch to the warm atmosphere. The green leaves make a direct connection to the environment. Thus, every trace of the monotonous feeling disappears.

Exposed brick walls lend a feeling of elegance and bear witness that the modern design capable of is to integrate different materials. Most of the time the request is dedicated to fashion an idyllic Interior scene. She must represent the perfect backdrop for the great dinner.

The example below is part of the incredible town house, whose designer is William Rainero.

send modern wood kitchen designs modern gleaming surfaces

Here, a different scenario than in the upper examples will be developed. The good memories take place in a very contemporary atmosphere, in which speak only small references to the love for the natural textures. This is an example from the portfolio of the architecture Studio Égéon Architecten in Amsterdam.

Continue the example below shows us how to make the strict, concrete, industrial look of the kitchen with beautiful wood furniture “soft”

send modern wooden kitchens designs dining room U-shaped furniture

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