Christmas Decoration Ideas From Scandinavia

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Is the Christmas decorations in Scandinavia much different than in Germany?

December is the darkest time in Scandinavia. While the snow slowly falls to the ground and covered the landscape, gives you more light by candles on the Windows or prepared spicy mulled wine.

That sounds all kinda cozy, or? It is so no wonder that very many people will do Christmas with Scandinavian-style in conjunction. We want to show you some ideas that represent the Scandinavian style Christmas decorations. Stay tuned and let this subtle Christmas decorations inspirational to you!

Sober, but festive – the Christmas decorations from Scandinavia

weihnachtsdeko Scandinavian 13

Stylized and playful – the typical Scandinavian manuscript

weihnachtsdeko Scandinavian 14

Oversized Christmas tree with discreet decoration

Can dominate the atmosphere of the green forest in the interior decoration. Use an oversized Christmas tree scene. The decoration may be quietly restrained, but Crown you the Christmas tree be sure with a large, bright star. It works best as a decoration in a living room with a fireplace, where also the wood is visible stowed.

Accurate down to the last detail

Christmas decoration ideas Scandinavian 2

An affinity to nature materials

weihnachtsdeko Scandinavian 12

Place a high value on the window design. These should be the best figures, tailored from bright paper.

Ornate gift wrap

Our gift packs should also be used as a Christmas decoration. Provide these for an artful closure with origami stars.

Well-known symbols in whimsical design

The Scandinavian designers are known for their quirky decorative ideas. This concerns also the Christmas decoration. The famous Christmas symbols, such as for example the Christmas tree, can be found in the most diverse shapes and sizes.  Natural materials, white color palette and Flash color accents in the form of Christmas balls should be used.

Mythological figures are an important part of the Christmas decorations

Christmas decoration Scandinavian 5

It will put much emphasis on handmade

weihnachtsdeko Scandinavian 8

Fresh white, fireplace and green

Fresh color palette based on white paint, and in combination with a warm fire place – which is enough to spread a warm festive mood. The whole thing with a lovely glowing Christmas tree can be crowned.

Fabric garlands

The different fabrics and textiles make up a large part of the warm and comfortable atmosphere of the Interior. Make Christmas garlands from these and pimp to the fire pit and the Christmas tree on.

The Festival of reflection and all its forms

Christmas decoration ideas Scandinavian 15

Scandinavian design simply unique

weihnachtsdeko Scandinavian 11

More symbolism, fewer bells and whistles

Christmas decoration ideas Scandinavian 18

Original wall & door wreaths

Decorate the House with original doors and wall garlands.  Make this in the form of well-known, but make them from a variety of materials. Can again dominate the popular shades of Brown and white.

Northern accents

In a traditional room, met from rich colors and textures, you can use white and Brown Scandinavian accessories as accents. Add also some decorated fir-tree branches in vases.

The effect is always modern and young

weihnachtsdeko Scandinavian 5

Striking table decorations

Choose some sculptural deer antlers and combine with tea lights. Put a vase with a few green Christmas tree branches in the middle. All Christmas decorate the table and enjoy the great atmosphere that appears with it.

Special dishes

Even the carefully selected dishes is regarded as table decorations – this can mimic natural materials and show clear lines in the execution. As additional decoration you reuse some of nature’s gifts.

Natural elements in the Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration ideas Scandinavian 41

Less color for more effect

weihnachtsdeko Scandinavian 4

Cinnamon pastries in interesting shapes

The typical Christmas cinnamon pastry is another way for the Scandinavian-style design. You all senses and thus has a particularly beneficial effect on us.

Match your interior decorating ideas in the Scandinavian style? We wish you a Merry Christmas.

There’s space for a little mysticism

Christmas decoration ideas Scandinavian

Christmas decoration ideas Scandinavian 8

Christmas decoration ideas Scandinavian 12

Christmas decoration ideas Scandinavian 13

Christmas decoration ideas Scandinavian 22

Christmas decoration ideas Scandinavian 41

Christmas decoration ideas Scandinavian gt

weihnachtsdeko Scandinavian

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Scandinavian 7

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weihnachtsdeko Scandinavian 15

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Scandinavian 18

weihnachtsdeko Scandinavian 19

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