Christmas Decoration Made Of Paper: These Ideas Should Be Remembered!

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The closer Christmas approaches, the more up-to-date the simple Christmas decoration ideas become. Because you have little time and yet you want to achieve a festive mood at home. Now is probably the right time to get acquainted with some ideas for paper Christmas decorations. Remember these, then you will always have something ready for the emergency situation! With these ideas, you can make Christmas decorations completely or complement existing ones. And we have something for every style!

Decorate modern and fast for Christmas with an oversized paper star

Big poinsettia make christmas decoration

Paper Christmas decoration: poinsettias and snowflakes

We start with something very simple: tinkering Christmas stars and snowflakes ! In many different shapes and patterns, you can never have enough of it. You will always find something to use: it can be used to decorate the windows, doors, walls. Paper snowflakes and paper stars can also serve as decoration for gifts.

You can also make this simple kind of Christmas decoration with your children. This is a wonderful way to bring together the little ones with the preparation of the festival.

Origami Christmas tree figurines based on paper are another stylish idea

3D Christmas trees make paper

Origami Christmas decoration

Of course you can make origami Christmas decorations out of paper. Such festive jewelry is very effective and upscale. This makes it possible, among other things, to make 3 D fir trees. They are very popular and that’s why we included many ideas with those in our article. Size Origami figures are particularly suitable for minimalist designs, in which one likes to completely renounce the real Christmas tree.

Christmas crafting with paper is often preferred by fans of Scandinavian minimalism

Paper crafting in white for the decoration of the Christmas tree

Make Christmas tree decorations out of paper

Both the simpler and the origami figures are suitable as a wonderful Christmas tree decorations , Theoretically, you can do without any other materials. Just choose this style that fits best in your interior design. With the right paper, the achievement of a very noble appearance is possible. For example, paper balls in metallic could wonderfully replace the real ones!

DIY Christmas decoration made of paper can be very elegant

Window decoration tinker with paper

Christmas messages!

Great wall or window decoration would also be the Christmas greetings from paper letters. A number of such can be found among our ideas. You will find inspiration for the texts of the messages, as well as for the color and type of paper letters. These aspects make a big difference in style. You need something that exactly matches your interior design.

Make several figures out of paper! You will find a job!

Origami Christmas crafts with paper Christmas tree figures

What style does the Christmas decoration from paper fit?

The Christmas decoration made of paper can be super simple, but also very upscale. It depends on the material and the execution. For the rustic decoration you could use rough, brown paper. You can combine with natural and rural materials. The Christmas deco made of paper is also used for vintage projects. In this case, you will be happy to use recycled paper. After all, some pieces of jewelery can look very modern and even futuristic. These are, for example, the origami figures in metallic shades or the simpler ones made of fine paper, which in a simple way represent the festive symbolism.

What other ideas for using paper Christmas decorations would you have? Let your imagination guide you!

Make the figures out of paper and hand them out as little gifts!

Three little fir trees make paper

Elegant paper and stylish appearance – this is the modern Christmas crafting with paper

Elegant Christmas fir-trees make Christmas decorations

You can also make fabulous Christmas decorations from simple cardboard

Origami Christmas tree made of cardboard christmas decoration yourself

Take advantage of the wide selection of paper types and make beautiful Christmas decorations

Origami Christmas tree figures Christmas crafts with paper

In silver or gray, the decoration made of paper is particularly upscale

Origami Christmas ball make Christmas decoration yourself
Origami Christmas decorations make for hanging
Paper decoration Christmas message
Singing Christmas Ornaments Origami Christmas Decorations made of paper
Make wall decoration - Christmas decoration from paper itself

Also for the wall can make great Christmas decorations made of paper

Christmas paper crafting for wall decoration
Christmas decoration from paper window decoration
Christmas decoration itself make small fir trees
Make Christmas stars out of black paper

Leftover wrapping paper? Make a great Christmas decoration out of it!

Made of wrapping paper Christmas trees make DIY with paper

Tinker with children paper figures ideas
Blue Christmas tree with yellow back to make Christmas decorations
Cartoon and paper making for Christmas

For a traditional look, you can choose paper in the classic colors of Christmas

Decorate decoration in Christmas colors with paper
Make simple star Christmas decoration yourself
Simple stars make paper from different colors
Simple Christmas star make Christmas decoration yourself

Make a Christmas wreath out of green paper for the door!

Elegant and simple door wreath for Christmas make yourself
Figures from newspapers Christmas tinker with paper
Make a flying star out of newspaper
Garland of small fir trees make paper
Garland with paper stars in red paper Christmas crafts

Golden paper is a very practical and nice choice if you want to make Christmas decorations yourself

Golden bells with green leaves Christmas crafts with paper
Make big origami fir tree by yourself
Big Christmas tree Christmas paper crafting

Make green elegant poinsettias out of paper by yourself

Instead of cultivating real poinsettias, you can make some out of paper!

Green christmas flowers tinker with paper
Green fir tree Origami tinker with paper
Green Christmas star tinker with paper
Hang the oversized Christmas decoration make origami yourself

White poinsettias and snowflakes are traditional and stylish!

Hanging Christmas decoration itself make snowflakes
Making paper houses for Christmas
Making heart out of music paper
Heart made of music Paper itself make christmas decoration
Small fir-tree figures with lucky charms

The selection of paper makes the difference when crafting for Christmas!

Small origami fir tree Christmas tinkering with paper
Making artificial Christmas tree with Christmas decoration
Make funny Christmas figures out of paper
Minimalist Christmas decorations themselves make idea

Colorful and effective wall design can only be made out of paper!

Origami stars as a wall decoration
Origami poinsettias make fir-tree decorations themselves

Origami figures made of paper craft in pink and blue

Red and green poinsettias make Christmas decorations themselves
Red Christmas tree decoration made of paper itself
Craft red poinsettia out of paper

Make great Christmas figures and let them hang from the ceiling!

Red Christmas star tinker with paper
Make fir trees in two different shades of green by yourself
Make toilet paper rolls as material for christmas wreath with paper
DIY door wreath made of paper

Simple symbols like deer and fir trees are great ideas for crafting paper!

Typical Christmas figures Christmas crafts with paper
Oversized origami stars in gold
Oversized Christmas trees make paper
Oversized Christmas decoration Christmas paper crafting
Different colors Christmas stars tinker with paper
Different figures make paper ideas

Also from reused materials can tinker great jewelry!

Various Christmas figures for making paper
Make vintage music paper Christmas decoration yourself
Christmas figures are made out of paper
Christmas figures in red and green tinker with paper
Christmas crafts with paper from newspapers idea
View More:

Feel free to use multiple colors at the same time!

Christmas tree figurine tinker with paper in 3 colors
Make Christmas tree decorations out of paper

Christmas tree decorations with a word tinker with paper

Christmas decoration itself make from green effective paper
Make Christmas decorations yourself with colored paper

Do paper crafting on simple but effective Christmas figures

Christmas decoration made from white paper for the Christmas tree
Make christmas decoration yourself from green paper
Christmas decoration itself make paper and other materials

Christmas tinkering of Christmas wreaths is becoming more and more popular!

Christmas decoration itself make poinsettias out of paper
Christmas angel figurine tinker with paper
Christmas angels christmas tinker with paper
Christmas wreath made of newspaper Christmas decoration itself

You can also decorate the traditional Christmas tree with paper decoration!

Make Christmas wreath with paper Christmas decoration yourself
Tinker Christmas ball with paper decoration
Christmas star made of paper near view
Christmas star in rainbow colors craft paper

If you make Christmas decorations yourself, you can also use old materials!

Make Christmas star toilet paper and newsprint
Paper stars made of paper are made in different colors
Make poinsettias from paper yourself
Make Christmas stars with paper of different colors

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