Christmas Lights Outside – Let Your House And Garden Glow Festively

This weekend we celebrated the first Advent and only in four weeks comes the big Christmas. I hope you have already got into the Christmas spirit, right? If you have not, you still have enough time to do that. And how could one better tune into the advent season than with the appropriate Christmas lights outside. We already have great ideas for you Christmas lights indoors portrayed in your own home. In this article, we present you great design options to make the house and garden glow. The festive lighting outside is a must to overcome the darkness of winter and the miserable mood associated with it. Numerous fairy lights, light figures and light trees as well as beautiful fairy-string nets help you a lot in this project and let the house facade and front garden shine.

Festively decorate shrubs and trees, windows and walls to create a festive atmosphere that is warm and inviting. Dozens of great design ideas are waiting to be discovered!

Decorate your home with thousands of lights and create a magical atmosphere around the house!

Christmas lights outside house and garden

  • What does the classic Christmas lighting on the outside include?

The outdoor area around the house has great design potential. Take advantage of this clever and spread the Christmas magic outside! From a distance you can see the Christmas lights on the outside and immediately think of the cozy hours with friends and family that everyone has already planned.

The happy, festive mood is contagious and has a very positive effect on our mood. But how to reach them? Here is the answer:

You can create a fancy outdoor lightshow!

Outdoor Lightshow Christmas Lights

Compared to the Christmas lights indoors in the house this is a bit unusual for the garden. Outside, you can decorate and classic lights use. These are available in different lengths and of course with different numbers of small lamps. If you want to decorate a wider area and visually highlight, then you can light net hanging. You can hang this on a tree branch or put it over a shrub. The effect will be simply impressive in both cases!

The Christmas magic outside does not want to end!

Christmas lights house garden

A glowing bear figure in front of the house entrance is a special highlight

Christmas lights outside and inside

Very attractive glowing figures Outside, they are a must-see in any outdoor area at Christmas. Do you decorate your front yard with a Santa Claus or do you and your kids prefer a snowman? Also very welcome are reindeer, a sledge or little dwarfs, rabbits or other figures. They are great eye-catchers and immerse the outdoor area in the magical light of the festival!

The little white lamps create a festive mood outside!

Outdoor Christmas lights

  • Which areas can be visually accentuated by Christmas lights outside?

In the interior, it is of course much easier to decorate, because you could install the Christmas lights practically everywhere. But that’s not the case outside. Therefore, we would like to recommend some specific places where your Christmas lights outside appear particularly effective. Of course this is number one Entrance area. Decorate it with fairy lights, lanterns and big LED candles and welcome your friends and relatives! Many homeowners insist on their garden paths also to illuminate in winter, which is quite correct. The best examples of Christmas lights outside we know from the classic American Christmas movies. In the USA, people like to decorate the whole thing in the old tradition Hausfassade and the front yard and makes them shine. As you pass, you immediately feel the solemn mood and anticipation of the coming festival is getting bigger.

A winter wonderland can be created by matching Christmas lights outside

Christmas lights outside winter

  • Safety first! What should you pay attention to when it comes to Christmas lights?

There is no doubt that the beautiful Christmas lights on the outside make for very special visual effects and their appearance is delightful. Many want to shine in the weeks before Christmas Eve your house and the outdoor area in the lights, but you should be very careful in the selection of decorative outdoor lighting and then determined during installation safety rules follow. Poor insulation, wrong plugs or broken plastic panels could be dangerous. Therefore we recommend you to rely on quality-assured goods and to avoid the cheap products in the low-priced offer. Every outdoor Christmas lighting has a stamp. Read the information there and inform yourself about the safety of the installation. The products should also be splash-proof!

Everyone wants to have a fireproof Christmas lighting

Christmas lights

Two extra tips for you:

  • If you opt for a Christmas lights outside, then choose these with LED lights! So you can reduce your electricity costs and worry about increased power consumption throughout the pre-Christmas period. Modern LED lights are efficient and do not incur additional costs.
  • There are currently Christmas lights on the outside in different warm shades, but the white light remains classic. This creates a cozy Christmas atmosphere and bring big and small in a festive mood!

We want to wish that to you! Make sure you have a suitable Christmas lights outside in the reflective season and experience a beautiful and unforgettable Christmas in the bright lights!

Make your entrance attractive and inviting

Christmas lights outside house entrance

Attractive outdoor Christmas lighting can do wonders

Outdoor Christmas lighting

Eternal symbols of Christmas, star and snowflakes, compete and set decorative accents outside

Shining star

For weeks before Christmas Eve, it shines and sparkles in front of every house!

Excessive Christmas lights

Follow the safety rules during installation and avoid nasty surprises for Christmas!

Christmas lights outside

You can use this game of light indoors and out to create a WOW effect


A network of lights sets the garden fence in scene

Attractive Christmas lights outside

Private houses and public buildings are festively decorated and illuminated at Christmas

decorate illuminate for Christmas

Reindeer are popular symbols of Christmas, and when they stand as light figures, they are even more enchanting than usual…..

Christmas lights for outdoor ideas

Decorate outside with bright colors and fancy figures!

Figurines Christmas lights

These colorful balls of light show you the way home!

Christmas lights Exterior figures

Small warm-white bulbs can create visual effects and make flowerpots and shrubs an interesting eye-catcher

Small warm white lights create visual effects

The presents are already here…..

Gifts Christmas lights

Let it sparkle outside, it’s Christmas, the best time of the year!

Christmas lights outside ideas