Christmas Tree Lighting – An Interesting Christmas Story

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snowy Christmas tree lighting forest
Who discovered the Christmas tree lighting

We often face the question of what constitutes the most appropriate Christmas tree lighting in each specific area. But today, we have a story that you can tell the children and maybe some adults under the Christmas tree.

Thomas Edison invented the electric bulb. This happened at Christmas time in 1880. But it took at least another four years, until they brought it on the Christmas tree to use. At this point started a revolution in the history of the lighting.

The lighting of the Christmas tree became one of the most popular types of decoration for Christmas

Christmas tree lighting colourful fairy lights example

The candles as Christmas tree lighting

Well, the truth is that you knew even before that the Christmas tree lighting. But this was by candles. Logically, this has led to many dangers.

In 1882, this has changed. Edison has put together the first string of lights this year and has wrapped it around a tree as a Christmas tree lighting. But it has proved that the world was still not ready for this invention. Long time one has waived this possibility.

The popularity of the Christmas tree lights have risen again in 1895. At that time, President Cleveland has commissioned such for the tree of the family in the White House. This Christmas tree lighting consisted of many, multicolored bulbs.

In 1923, Calvin Coolidge started the State festivities with the clarification of the large Christmas tree by 3000 electric lamps.

Mass production, which was accessible also for the simple homes, began somewhat earlier.

This type of Christmas lights was produced in 1903 by General Electric

fairy lights Christmas tree Christmas tree lighting

The man who really recognized the big deal in the sale of the Christmas tree lights, called Albert Sadacca. He offered the idea as a teenager in his family business in 1917. You can see still the Christmas tree lighting in the form which we have today for granted?

The world’s most beautiful Christmas tree light

Let us complete the history of the Christmas tree lighting in a most spectacular manner. This makes the magnificence of the most wonderful Christmas trees. Do you know which are the most beautiful in the whole world? Seoul, South Korea, Vilnius, Lithuania, Berlin, San Francisco, United States, Madrid, Spain, Lisbon, Portugal, London, England, Paris, France, New York, United States, Rome, Italy are.

Original Christmas tree in Rio de Janeiro

Christmas tree lighting Rio de Janeiro

Stunning in Washington DC

Christmas tree lighting Washington Dc

Traditional and gorgeous in the garden

Christmas tree lighting colourful lights star

Classic in natural colours

Christmas tree lighting elegant

Timber-frame houses and Christmas tree – winter Idyll

Christmas tree lighting half-timbered houses

Warm and inviting fireplace

Christmas tree lighting gifts fireplace

The gifts are already wrapped and underneath the Christmas tree

Christmas tree lighting Gifts Christmas ornaments

Colorful bright lights

Christmas tree lighting colourful Fairy Lights

Rustic, with exposed ceiling beams

Christmas tree lighting gift socks Christmas

Festive illuminated and richly decorated

Christmas tree lighting garlands of lights Christmas star

Christmassy atmosphere at the Castle

Christmas tree lighting Hof Castle

Tropical Christmas

Christmas tree lighting Konusförmig color

For real purists

Christmas tree lighting artificial candles

Beautifully decorated

Christmas tree lighting lights multicolored lights

Fairy Lights and crystals

Christmas tree lighting lights crystals

Pre-Christmas atmosphere of the Church

Christmas tree lighting balanced Church

Christmas of special

Christmas tree lighting turquoise sea theme

Classic Christmas ornaments and lights

Christmas tree lighting wrapped gifts

Merry Christmas

Christmas tree lights Christmas decorations Fairy Lights

Cute with cones

Christmas tree lighting cones Christmas

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