Ciabatta Bread Baking You Today Italian With Us!

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Ciabatta bread from the top of Ciabttas

Ciabatta bread and how we prepare it yourself

We all know about the delicious bread ciabatta from the Italian deli. Whether white or grainy, with olives or Sun-dried tomatoes, ciabatta tastes great as breakfast bread with coffee or as a light evening meal with the wine.

Is of course not possible to get the bread, fresh after work, and you certainly don’t like the baking of frozen bread. Ciabatta must be absolutely fresh baked! -No problem! The solution is easy, and it will cost you some time. In today’s article, you receive from us the exact instructions on how a Ciabatta bread, so tasty and crispy like the Italians, can prepare themselves.

Fresh ciabatta Bake and eat – which do you call luck!

Ciabatta bread with oil

Saturation and enjoyment in the morning for breakfast and in the evening for a glass of wine

Ciabatta bread Basil

Also your guests can delight you with freshly filled ciabatta breads

Ciabatta bread plateau

A freshly baked bread tastes good. Your whole House will smell afterwards

Ciabatta bread slices

Ciabatta classic


400 g white flour, 1 Tablespoon fine sea salt, 1/4 TSP dry Backhefe, much flour to handle

To get a good result, you should let the dough 20 hours


You mix the flour, salt and yeast in a large bowl. Stirring constantly, pour 350 ml lukewarm water add after. There should be a soft and sticky dough. Then cover the Bowl as air-tight and let go 12 to 18 hours the dough at room temperature. Long walking time allows the yeast to develop, making the finished bread airy.

After frying, you wait until the loaves are slightly cooled. So the Interior will remain juicy

Ciabatta bread

According to the, put the dough on the work surface and turn around a couple of times. The dough is simply turned around and not kneaded. Cover with a tea towel and allow to rest the dough for 2 hours.

Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 200 ° with the baking tray.  On the hot plate, spread the batter, place it in the oven, and Bake until a crispy crust is created.

The dough should be soft and sticky

Ciabatta bread from the top of Ciabttas herbs

According to the, the dough is turned several times and not kneaded

Ciabatta bread dough raw

Baked will be so long until the bread has a delicious and crispy crust

Wait until the bread is slightly cooled and then cut it out. So the bread stays juicy. Other types of flour can be used and the classic recipe can be supplemented with olives, Sun-dried tomatoes or herbs.

The famous Italian bread existed officially since 1982. Its creator is called Arnaldo Cavallari-a Baker who was looking for an Italian alternative of Baguettets together with his colleagues. Today, the Ciabatta bread is a rightly popular type of bread.

Then you can cut the bread into slices or in large pieces

Ciabatta bread from the top of Ciabttas cloth

Fresh lunch are then quickly made

Ciabatta bread classic

Parma ham, rocket or mozzarella – tomato?

Ciabatta bread Parma ham

Grilled vegetables with balsamic vinegar makes a filling, but light lunch

Ciabatta bread sandwich

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