Clever Idea For A Creative Crafts – Maps With Beer Bottle Caps

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creative crafting wooden beer bottle cap map

Creative tinkering with beer bottle caps

Today, we present an interesting idea by It’s about creative tinkering with beer bottle caps. This enterprising company produces maps of wood. The unique fact is that products with drinking beer have to do. Especially if you are an avid beer drinker and like to collect beer bottle cap, so a map is a must for you. This original way to map all beer bottle cap in the place, where you have enjoyed the beer. Excited? Then check out just keep.

The basis of the maps is a thin plywood plate with laser cut. The round holes are made so that each quite comfortable holding a beer bottle cap. Currently, the States of the United States in particular are available. The capital is displayed in each of the States and has sufficient space for the bottle caps. So you can immortalize your own personal gourmet trip. Go to the official Web site of the company and order your desired map. The prices are quite reasonable for such a clever and unique idea. The Beercapmaps are very popular with many users and enjoy a large request. They are perfect as a wall decoration. Did you get already looking for such a personal map with beer bottle caps? Well then, here we go.

Cool beer maps

creative DIY map United States

An original wall decoration

creative crafting wooden USA map States

Select your personal location

maps crafts tile maps USA

Variety of beer on the wall

maps crafts wood map Michigan

A Michigan enthusiast with beer – maps

maps crafts wood map Michigan fan

Avid beer drinkers from Wisconsin

maps craft beer fans Wisconsin

The State of Minnesota

maps crafts wood land map Minnesota

Fully completed map of United States

creative crafting wooden USA map

Beercapmap as a purist wall decoration

creative DIY map States beer

The beer map of Colorado

creative handicraft map Berry bottle cap Colorado

Beer tour in detail

creative DIY map wooden beer bottle cap

Beer – map of New Zealand

creative craft map wood New Zealand

Casual and original – the beer map of United States

creative crafting maps USA Berry bottle cap

The Capmaps maps are available in many sizes

creative DIY map States wooden beer bottle cap

If you stand on maps, or beer

creative DIY map wall decoration


creative DIY mural USA

A new journey of discovery is in front of you!

creative DIY map USA continent

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