Coffee Pot Terrarium With Magnificent Air Plants Themselves Shape

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coffee pot collage pictures photos terrarium

How to make a mini terrarium himself from an old coffee pot

We have already often interesting ideas presented, how you can build a terrarium itself. Today another surprise awaits and a great example of a mini terrarium in the coffee pot. This terrarium is easy to shape and fits almost anywhere in your home or at your workplace. The used air plants and Succulents are robust and easy to care for. You can use Pebble, or precious stones and MOSS to the soil as well as other decorative items of your choice.

Coffee pot terrarium with succulent plants and air plants

coffee pot mini terrarium air plants Succulents

You need:

an old coffee pot (look in the basement after or at the second dealer around the corner)
small air plants and Succulents – in this case Ionantha Fuego and green Tilandsia
white sand
Green Moss
for decoration – precious stones, shells, other decorative items

How is it done:

Fill your coffee pot with about 1 cm of sand. Any place the pebbles. Decorate with the MOSS by working from the back to the front. Place the succulents and air plants to then, where you will find it the best. You can use in addition the gems or the shells, as well as other decorative items to do so.


Moisten the succulents and air plants every day – in the morning. You can dive even 2-3 times a week in water these. Avoid direct sunlight. They thrive when they are not at the window, better, but in the shade on the desktop for example.

We wish you lots of fun designing your coffee pot terrarium and good luck!

The materials you need

coffee pot terrarium construction elements

According to your own rules, make the mini terrarium

coffee pot terrarium air plants stones

And our coffee pot terrarium is ready

coffee pot terrarium of succulent ornaments

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coffee pot coffee cup dining table

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coffee pot of milk coffee side table terrarium

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coffee pot Yin Yang air plant terrarium

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