Colors And Trends In Home Textiles – Traditional Home Decor

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colorful striped saturated colors and trends in home furnishings throw pillows

Colors and trends in home textiles

With the right fabrics, it is more colorful and cozy at home and the decor Gets a completely different look. From carpet to curtains – home textiles, each element is important.

Home textiles play an important role in the home decor, they have the ability to create a different atmosphere in your home. In some cases, they complement the original design idea of Interior and sometimes they serve as focus or as the main source of color and atmosphere in the room. Bed linen, bedroom and bedspreads, pillows, curtains, rugs, runners, textile blinds, decorative pillows and pillowcases, bath and towels belong to the Group of home textiles.

Vibrant textures and bright colours

colors and trends in home decoration curtains stained sofa pillow

If you prefer neutral and discreet colours, or rather experiment with such bright colours, is entirely up to you. Most interior designers recommend to make at least one room in bright, saturated colors – cobalt, turquoise, orange accents of red or yellow are preferred. But the fact is that the sandy tones, beige and ivory never really out of fashion, because they are ideal for the minimalist decor.

Green striped sofa – traditional decorative pillows

home textiles, stripe sofa traditional home decor pillow cover

Always prints, which necessarily occur in the collections of major brands of home decor are something special in the home textiles. Most frequently encountered are the flowers which currently look every season. Red tulips, delicate roses and purple flowers – floral accents create romance, they bring a light breeze from the past and fit perfectly to any drab environment.Super trendy home textiles African style – is Tiger tribal patterns and accents rugs with patterns Zebra, Leopard pillows and duvets.We want something else don’t forget: in the fashion of home textiles, geometric shapes, lines, and fantastic graphics are again – possibly in two or three colors. This type of institution is suitable for contemporary and artistic styles of housing.

Materials in the home textiles

wallpapers curtain wall decoration home decoration table lamp sofa materialsDie home textiles to help comfort and warmth at home (literally and figuratively) to get better. The thick curtains block the strong sunlight and keep the room cool in the summer and in the winter, the soft carpets give more cosiness and heat your whole home.

It is better to use natural materials such as cotton and linen. Although satin bedding is a must for many people in the room, many of them but may think that it is not very practical and comfortable, so most people prefer cotton bed linen.

Dark wallpaper with floral patterns

colors and trends in home decoration, wall decoration wallpapers nature

In the autumn and winter, the knitwear in the Interior are an absolute hit as well as thicker fabrics like wool. The Velvet has his comeback, he brings a touch of aristocracy and leaves a feeling of luxury.Unpopular substances from the home textiles are: viscose, polyester and nylon.

4 more useful tips for you with regard to your home textiles:

• In the hallway or in the laundry you can use 2 or 3 round rugs instead of adding a larger carpet there. This is practical.

• Use blankets, which are different colours on both sides. So, you can design your interior differently by different time put down the bedspread.

• A common trend is the combination of curtains and wallpaper at the same pressure (usually – in bloom).

• It turns out that the checks not only in clothing was fashionable, but also in the home textiles – choose ceiling Plaid for your bedroom or Chair Plaid upholstery for your living room. You will not regret it! This is now back in vogue!

Fresh home textiles suitable for spring

colors and trends in home decoration curtains window green white

This airy curtains pimp the whole atmosphere onpale colors modern trends home furnishings living room curtainsconfidential seating – floral patterns everywhereflower pattern curtains Chair Strip pale colors table

Striped curtains in accordance with the throw pillows

flower pattern curtains sofa stripes traditional home textiles

Dark blue, weichers headboard with floral patterns

colors and trends in home furnishings reference sofa flowers blue

Blue interior design in the bedroom

bedroom home decor patterns home textiles flowers white blue

How would you enhance your interior?

colors and trends in home decoration curtains blue white flowers

Red Roman blinds with the same pattern as the throw pillows colors and trends in home decoration curtains red white flower pattern

Warm and pleasant-looking color combination for home textiles

colors and trends in home decoration curtains sofa stained purple

Feminine furnishings – purple colours and fabrics

colors and trends in home decoration curtains white purple sofa pillow

Are you a fan of the throw pillows?

colors and trends in home furnishings pillows striped traditionally

How do you like the floral patterns in textiles?

colors and trends in home furnishings traditional idea of home decor lime velvet sofa – related wallpaper and curtain patterngrass green velvet sofa upholstery textiles Curtains floor lamp

Spring colors at home

home textiles florals fresh colors new trends

Children’s room nautical-themed set upYouth room shelves wall home furnishings nautical theme

Pale pastel colors in the nursery of your daughter

Pastel pale curtains nursery home textiles

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