Cool Decoration In White – 18 Fresh And Summery Ideas

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cool decoration in white Chair chandelier pillow decorative Dresser

Cool decoration in white – perfect for the upcoming season

What is whatever your style, can give white a fresh cool look your House, which is perfect for the upcoming season.

(1) expanding white

White is the perfect color for a small room. The monochromatic palette opens up a room and extends it visually lets the light through. In a small corner of the eye to the contrast of textures enjoys – there is chenille fabric, airy curtains and sparkling crystal. The beauty of the decoration in white is that it is a play of shadow and light.

Select different shades of white shades for your room cool decoration in white-

cool decoration in white Schlaftimmer shabby Shick style Cabinet mirror

(2) color is a perfect match

Don’t be afraid to take the brush. This Queen Anne Cabinet was painted in a dark color, but by a little sanding and he got this wonderful new look that fits perfectly into the all-white bedroom new stroke. Choose different shades of white shades for your room. Also the old metal has brought chandelier is to new life, thanks to the white color.

Children’s room completely in white with fresh colored accents

cool decoration in white nursery shutters colored bedding

(3) rooms in white

The preferences and trends about colors change. In the nursery in particular, it is appropriate to have more luxury and a modern look. Why opt for an all white color scheme for the bedding, walls and furniture. Replace the duvet and pillows with white. So, you get a new room, which seems to be every season. Use a meters of fabric, add a headboard, as it is shown in the photo.

Brightness and right in the kitchen

cool decoration in white kitchen kitchen island standing stool diner

(4) classic cuisine

This kitchen combines two areas in white – polished Carrara marble countertops and white walls stand side by side in this historic cuisine from the early 20th century. Minimal glass wall shelves are between two large Windows allowing natural light into the room, so the kitchen is light and bright.

Combine different interior design styles

cool decoration in white bedroom bed curtains floor lamp

(5) different from the old world

Keep the color to a minimum on the pieces of furniture from old times, to combine different interior design styles. Here, the creamy white with all the furniture go together well. The canopy is decorated with white Moskatonetz and old bronze lamp. The muted color palette, texture and combination of the objects show the diversity in establishing this bedroom.

Bring the accessory in the Center

cool Deco white dining room flowers fruit colored chandelier

(6) accessories as eye-catcher

If walls and furniture are white, then comes the accessories in the Center. Set accents and make it fun! An attractive collection in the dining room is just as interesting as a candle holder or an ensemble of colorful ceramics. Your light will shine in a unique manner.

Dramatic exhibition space for your collection of porcelain as a background

cool decoration in white dining room chairs shabby Cabinet dish

(7) curtains

Curtains in the room can leave some pieces of furniture look mysterious. Here, the massive flea market pharmacy Cabinet creates a dramatic exhibition space for your porcelain collection with its dark background.

All white color scheme in this bath

cool decoration in white bad Bank cabinets flowers

(8) mirrors in the white frame

The mosaic floor is the only change in the all-white color scheme in this bath. Strategically placed mirrors add sparkle in the room. Also the window seat with towelling pillow is well chosen.

Wall in shades of ivory

cool Deco white dining room chairs candle holders

(9) open simplicity

In this dining room, all in white is emphasized – the chairs have white covers and await your visit. A shaded chandeliers and simple blinds emphasize the classical-modern style of the area. The white range is enriched with a fine ivory shade on the walls.

Look for interesting vintage pieces of furniture in the thrift store

cool decoration in white mirror chandelier wall decoration creamy

(10) interesting odds and ends

You can make your space more interesting with old pieces of furniture you renovate now. Look for an interesting old mirror in the thrift store and replace him with color line in white. Choose a convenient place for your “new” levels in the room, he will virtually double the natural light there. Also decorate the place with flowers, a French watch or similar accessories.  That isn’t it looks just fine?

cool decoration in white living room table flowers books

(11) color in the lines

Use the white color to something to separate or to emphasize in your decor.

cool decoration in white living room floral carpet

(12) neutral background

In this room, where everything in white is decorated, the contrast in the form of black accents, which occurs are so powerful and strong impress.

cool decoration in white kitchen kitchen island flowers

(13) traditional look in the kitchen

Modern design with traditional elements make this elegant white kitchen timeless.  Glass front cabinets and thick marble slabs authenticity give the room while adding a modern counterpoint to the stainless steel units. Oak planks on the ground in this country house in warm natural colors make comfortable look the white space.

cool decoration in white living room fireplace stones wood table

(14) old meets new

In this bright and airy living room, the history of the House emphasised a combination of the old and new style the decking and wooden surfaces, while the dark tones in contrast to the modern white walls – see.

cool decoration in white bathroom flower patterns flowers

(15) spa treatment

In the all-white bathroom “the natural light dances”. Expand the luxurious spa feeling with much white towels, flooring, shower curtain – it is a surefire way to renovate your bathroom.

cool decoration in white upholstered stool table flowers fur

(16) bright and friendly

This Victorian house was rebuilt and transformed into a modern loft. The modern and Victorian style can be better merge with white and black furniture.

stylish decoration in white Chair candle holder bouquet 17) the right color

Green is the color of spring and the subdued sand tones of accessory this living a rural charm.

stylish decoration in white armchairs table flowers wood cabinet

(18) white elegance

In this room, fresh flowers and plants help to unite the Interior and exterior.

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